Wednesday, January 11, 2006

“What’s with the big chair? You look like you’re on ‘The Apprentice’.” – EAX

“You don’t have to deal with the bureaucratic nonsense.” I met with my former boss yesterday to compare our first days. She started her new job on Friday. We both are suffering from culture shock and what we’ve deemed, the first week auditions. Essentially, the first week (or the first few weeks) at your new employers is a song and dance. You’re constantly smiling, listening and absorbing.

Your brain which has lead a rather routine life is rejuvenated. You’re new surroundings cause your brain to flood with sensory overload. You struggle to remain composed while memorizing new faces and places. You listen carefully to learn the new jargon. You quietly absorb and assess the office politics and you try not to look stupid by asking the right questions. There is a fine line between looking retarded and looking like a know-it-all.

The general rule, in my book, is to remain visible yet invisible. Like in ‘Survivor’, you need to make a good impression and form the right alliances. You also have to remember to not be brazen and assume you fit into the new terrain right away.

Unlike my previous job, I’ve been visited by many people since Monday. Many people pop by to introduce themselves to me. I’m not a social butterfly but it really is a nice change of pace from my last office.

To reciprocate and to continue to week myself from my hermitude, I’ve made a pseudo-resolution to give salutations. Every morning, I try to greet the people I pass on my way to my office. Every evening, I make an effort to say goodnight to the secretaries.

This is highly unlike me. Sure I’m fairly friendly to my neighbors but I’ve never been the social type at work.

I’m slowly moving my stuff in. I’m still without a pc and I don’t have office supplies so my desk looks weird with a lamp, phone and mini file cabinet but eventually I’ll personalize it.

Judy mentioned her husband is a darkness dweller too. I don’t know how he does it. Well, actually, he’s one up on me. The man doesn’t primp like a woman primps. I’ve been relegated to putting on my makeup by candlelight! Candlelight! I don’t want to wake up my husband so I’m tiptoeing everywhere and lighting tealights around my vanity. Lrudlrick, I know you moved the fire extinguisher into our bedroom as a little jib.

Narda says it will take approximately 30 days for me to get used to my new schedule. I’m not sure I can make it. Yesterday, I made myself a cup of coffee to keep myself up for my 5 hour marathon of meetings. By 8:30, the coffee had not kicked in and I swear my face looked like Droopy D.

I’m just counting the days ‘til Friday when I can finally get some shut eye.