Tuesday, January 03, 2006

See what eating sweets after 11pm does to you?

Two nights ago I had such a wacky dream I had to share with you what I recalled. I rarely remember my dreams as vividly as I did this one. Any dream interpreters out there share your thoughts. And no, I do not want to bed Mr. Bowie. I never did in the 80’s. I never did in the 90’s and I still don’t. I just like his music.

I dreamt, Lrudlrick and I went to a silent auction held at Rockefeller Center at the SNL studios. Lrudlrick brought our broker. It was a benefit for who knows what but everyone was there. Horatio Sanz, Tina Fey, that Hispanic guy that does Prince were mingling with the guests.

I made my way through the benefit, smiling and looking at the auction items when Lrudlrick called me to sit on a couch near a bit tv screen. We both sat and looked a podium where David Bowie was standing. I recall that although I was excited to see Mr. Bowie in person, inches away from me, I wasn’t doing my usual nudging and whispering “Ooklay. Itway isway Avidday Owiebay! Iway amway andingstay extnay otay Avidday Owiebay!”

Lorne Michaels was finishing a speech thanking David for donating his $4 million dollar apartment to the benefit, again for what, I’m not sure.

Then Mr. Bowie, leaves the podium and sits right next to me! Lrudlrick turns to him and says, “Mr. Bowie, this is my wife.” We begin a conversation that somehow leads to a discussion on my mother-in-law’s profession as a social worker for a correctional facility. Apparently this was fascinating to him and he kept asking me questions about my mother-in-law’s profession.

Meanwhile, Lrudlrick was passed two forms by a stage assistant and asked to complete the documents.

The dropdown screen turns on and a countdown of winners is announced. Unlike most silent auctions, this benefit not only announced the winner but also the top five bidders for an item in increasing order. Mr. Bowie and I turned to the screen and began to view the countdown when Lrudlrick whispers, “FYI, I just put a bid on the Bowie place.”

pg: What?!
L: smiling It would be so cool.
pg: We don’t need that big of a place! It includes a fulltime nanny, maid and maid quarters! Why does David Bowie need a nanny?
L: I thought you’d like it.

At this point, I didn’t think about cost but why we’d need such a big place. That’s when Mr. Bowie put his feet over the arm of the couch and placed his head on my lap! I turned to look at the other guests and everyone seemed to be lounging in the same casual manner.

They get to the winning bidder and sure enough it’s Lrudlrick. There was applause and everyone got up to leave the benefit. Lrudlrick leaves to finish some paperwork and I’m left standing by myself confused over the proceedings.

Then Horatio Sanz passes me and asks me to start breaking the set. “Breaking the set?” “Yeah, we can use some extra hands. Go down to makeup and see if anyone else is there to help.”

As I walk towards makeup and costume, I spot my previous ex-boss talking to Tina Fey asking for shout outs during the next weekend update for colleagues. My ex-boss spots me, politely smiles and says, “Oh, and Pantrygirl too. She’s cool.”

Tina smiles and sits on a stool by the door for makeup and I stop to tell her that I’m a fan and that calling my name is unnecessary but would be cool. That’s when I woke up.

Bizarre, right?