Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The One where I spew every TV programming thought I've had in the last fortnight out.

Praise the Lord, I’m connected. I just got my work pc hooked up. I'm nearly caught up with my television programming. I finally had time to read the entire Sunday Times this weekend. Now if only my work schedule would let up to allow some time to catch up on my blog reading.

Yes, I’m back to the civilization. I feel like I just spent two weeks on a deserted island away from human contact. Isn’t that pathetic?

The rumor mills have it that Showtime has offered AD a two year deal versus the 13 episode deal ABC offered. I’m just hopefully someone will snag this gem of a show. For those who haven’t watched yet, please tune in on February for what has been deemed a 2 hour season finale. Now, these are just rumors so who knows when they’ll air the last 4 episodes.

Because of our crazy work schedules, Lrudlrick and I have taken to marathon viewings of or regular programs. One day, we’ll sit and watch every new episode of the Law and Order series. On another day, we’ll sit and watch every new episode of the CSI series. In between, we catch up on our half hour programs.

Watching the series this way has actually built up our detective skills. Usually, we can deduce who the killer is or what the possible motive is before the half hour mark. We’ve also learned to be quick on the fly with the commercial advances. When you need to pack in 3 hours of programming in a work night, you learn to take the shortcuts.

Last night was sitcom night. We ended the night with The Office. I defy anyone to watch an episode, British or American, and not say, “He’s such an ass” at least once. I must have said it 8 times last night before Lrudlrick told me to quit it. Sure enough at the very last scene, Lrudlrick blurts out, “He’s such an ass.”

Unlike ‘The Comeback’, I find myself repulsed yet anticipatory for each new episode. Both characters are desperate for attention. Both characters feel superiority to others. Both characters want to the authority over others but the camaraderie with compatriots. Yet, in ‘The Comeback’, it hits that fine line beyond pathetic. I just felt bad for her and didn’t want to watch her subject herself to the humiliation. Steve Carell’s character in ‘The Office’ is also pathetic but the communal aspect makes it bearable to watch. When his employees look into the camera it’s as if they are saying, “Aren’t you glad you don’t work for this schmuck?”

I just found Dwight’s personal blog and it’s hysterical. Check it out if you are a fan. For you NPH fans out there, check out Barney’s blog from ‘How I Met Your Mother’.

In the words of Lrudlrick, “Already? How long has it been since they’ve been off the air?” I was a late bloomer to ‘Friends’. I still find them funny in re-runs but do we honestly need a reunion episode so soon?

Finally, for those following the ‘Welcome to the Neighborhood’ saga, there is a petition to air the program. There are still protests but the winners and some of the neighbors in the neighborhood are publicly pushing for the series to air. The NYTimes mentions some politics involved around the promotion of The Chronicles of Narnia that may have assisted in the shelving of the program.

I’ve said it before, I’m not a fan of reality programs nor am I fan of the premise but you spent $10 million dollars on this thing. Nearly a year later, people are still talking about it. Just air the darn program and let the people decide. Air it on one of your cable networks if you are concerned about advertising and public dissent. Let the people decide what they think.

Which reminds me, if Trios has the rights to air Brilliant but Cancelled programs, why doesn’t someone box them in a DVD and sell them? Is Andy Richter saves the Universe on DVD yet? Even better, why don’t you take these programs and make them available on iTunes so I can watch them during my commute?