Friday, December 02, 2005

Yes, I've been listening to Christmas music. At least I don't sing along (in front of company).

Today is a good day. I lapped up the crisp December air as I walked to my bus stop. Even the jack hammering didn’t distract. Nor did the cool breeze blowing up my hiked up skirt throw me. It was only when I entered the bus shelter that I noticed the right side of my skirt hiked up farther than a dancer’s skirt at Scores. Still, it was a good day.

Last night, Mothra set a world record. I completed my 2005 Christmas cards, stamps and all. This frees up the next two weeks for tree trimming, package wrapping and cookie baking. I have never been so ahead of the game before.

It’s much more colorful than last year’s stark blue and white.

Most people ask me why I make my cards instead of buying a package of cards. My secret desire is to be a Hallmark corporate employee. Yes, I’d love to be a card maker. I read an article in Life about a the day in the life of a Hallmark writer which left me daydreaming about it.

I make homemade cards for practically every event. I have made an original card for every move, every invitation and every holiday celebration. When I card is not required, I make an original party menu. Yes, I have an addiction to paper, scissors and glue.

Lrudlrick watched as I cut out my patterns in awe at the amount of time and energy I will devote to something, most people put on a card tree or even throw out. Honestly, I make the cards for myself, not the recipient. What they do with my card is up to them. I know not everyone saves the cards and recycles them. Yes, I recycle received cards. I’ll make ornaments, gift tags and whatever comes into my head. In my past life, I must have been a kindergarten teacher.

In 8th grade, our class ‘adopted’ a kindergarten student. We made homemade stockings and stuffed them with candy and bric-a-brac. The day before break, we all dressed as ‘Santa’s helpers’ and delivered the stockings to the kids during their Christmas party. Of course, I went all out on my stocking. Fake fur, beads and even embroidered trim were on my stocking. Apparently, I started some trouble because a classmate remarked to my teacher that my ‘adopted’ child would be the envy of the other students. So I had to make two. I don’t know why two was better than one but I didn’t complain. Others thought it unfair that I had to do twice the work but I was having too much fun to think it was work.

Funny thing is, I was horrible in art class. I was a B student and that was only because my teacher knew very well that I had some type of disorder that required me to be exact with everything. I had more erasers than anyone in class. My perspective piece had so many erase lines that it actually started looking three dimensional.

My mail is still on the fritz at work but my initial OCD attack has subsided. My boss has a knack of knowing when my OCD gets the better of me and calmed me down. Thankfully she did, otherwise, last night’s holiday party could have been professionally crippling.

Jeff, the guru of my pc, will be in next week so for now, I’m relegated to online mail. The historical mail is somewhere and for my peace of mind, I hope Jeff finds it. Granted, it’s only mail but I annotate everything at work via email. It’s my electronic note.

Oh, and not that you really care, but I’m running out of hosiery again. I’m down two pairs of stockings. Last year, I spent all winter in pants because I was too cheap to buy stockings. I might be going the same route again this year. Has anyone found a tried and true way to keep your stockings for more than a handful of wears? Last night during an office holiday party, I kept trying to keep my left leg behind me because of a run at my knee cap. I’m like the kid in the class picture with the 3” hole in her stockings.