Monday, December 12, 2005

Christmas stress is rolling its ugly head my way.

Wow, who knew blogging on the weekends was so hard. Yes, I cheated, sort of. My December weekends are packed to the brim with projects and to dos that pictures will have to suffice.

I’m beginning to feel behind on my Holiday to dos. Last week, I was so bummed about childish gossip; I spent most of my weeknights finding solace in Law and Order. I’m feeling much better today. I’m not going to let third party banter get the best of me.

Well, I’ve hit the big C week. This week, I need to make my Christmas cookies which means, I’ll be knee deep in flour, chocolate and parchment paper. I still need to finish wrapping presents and I’m determined to get this finished tonight.

You’d think wrapping would be the easy to do on my list. No. Instead, Mothra needs to make everything unique and different. Mothra has to spend 5 minutes mulling over which wrapping paper fits which person/gift.

I hit Mecca last night, The Container Store and I went ribbon happy. Every year, I tell Lrudlrick that I need to get a part time job at TCS just for the discount. Every year, he catches me giving a packaging suggestion for a fellow TCS shopper. This year, I suggested using mini takeout containers for a kid’s holiday party. Each kid could decorate their own personal take away container and fill it with cookies and candies.

Inspiration also hit me while at the TCS. Usually I make a giant container of cookies and bring it to work. This year, for some reason, I’ve decided to make individual truffles and package them for each person. I’m a glutton for punishment. I think I just wanted to make it a little more personal this year, since this will be my last Christmas party with the old crew.

It’s becoming abundantly clear that Christmas is extremely biased. I’m not talking about Christ’s birth. I’m talking about the commercial Christmas. If Christmas was handled by Lrudlrick…

…the Christmas tree would die a painful death due to dehydration.
…it would be decorated with net lighting and maybe a few balls.
…you’d be lucky to get a Christmas call, let alone a Christmas card.
…December 23rd would be spent in armor fending off fellow last minute shoppers at Toys R’ Us.
…some kid would be missing a present.
… the kids that had presents would have labels that say, “the short one” “the cute one” “the one that likes horses”
…Christmas dinner would be General Tso’s Chicken and Spare Ribs.
…our newspaper would arrive in pieces if at all because he didn’t leave a tip.
…our building staff would get liquor and plenty of it.
…the boulders like packages under the brown tree are the presents.
…Christmas cookies would come in a nice pre-packaged container with the label ‘Entenmanns’.

Now that I think about it, it sounds much less stressful. Maybe next year we’ll have a Lrudlrick Christmas.