Friday, November 04, 2005

Why doesn't trading spaces ever do a subway car episode?

I know I’m an uber-dork but seriously, you need to go see Chicken Little tonight. I’ve been waiting for this movie for so long. Yes, I know it’s a cartoon. I don’t care. I’m a kid at heart and yes, for those interested, I am going to the 3-D viewing because I want the glasses.

With that said, who has bought their Potter tickets? Raise your hands. You sir/miss/madam are just as dorky as I am. Feel free to lounge at pg’s anytime.

Many called me about the Trading Spouses episode. Some scolded me. Everything about the episode sucked me into its vortex. As penance, I relegated myself to only Tivo’d programs for the rest of the week. By the way, am I the only one having recording issues with their DVR after Daylight Savings Time? I’m not sure if I can stay away from next week’s concluding episode though. According to the previews, she really blows a gasket.

This weekend is the marathon. I give everyone who runs a marathon, to completion or not, much credit. The closest I’ve come to any physical activity along the caliber of a marathon was a giant Filene’s Basement sale in Boston. I worked up a sweat that no spinning class can muster fighting those women for a Jones New York suit.

When I was a kid I thought entering a Triathlon would be fun. Seriously, I thought it would be fun. Come on, swimming and biking are tons of fun. Of course, it didn’t cross my mind that my baby blue kick board and my pink bicycle with tassels and wicker basket weren’t proper equipment for the type of racing the Iron Men and Women were using.

I used to participate in a lot of walk-a-thons. They were fun and you got a ton of freebies. Nowadays, I can barely get out of bed without creaking. Ok, I’m exaggerating a little but there have been days, where a creak or two have snuck in.

When you speak to a New Yorker about the marathon, I guarantee you someone in the bunch will mention the traffic. Actually, if you mention any event in New York City to a New Yorker, someone will mention the traffic. I was stuck waiting for a bus for 25 minutes a few days ago and the first thing out of the bus driver’s mouth as he let us on board was, “You can thank the Prince of Wales for the delay.”

A few years back the taxis held a walkout or a driveout. I’m not sure what they call it. All night the news focused on the disastrous effects of having no taxis in the city. You’d swear the sky was falling by the coverage. If you believed what they said you’d think the city would grind to a halt. What people forget is that New Yorkers are resilient folks.

The day was the best commute day of my entire life in NYC. The best day, folks. I was able to commute cross town faster than any other day in my life. I think for once everyone arrived to their meetings on time, some even early. I honestly think I saw more smiles on my fellow pedestrian’s faces than on any given day.

Now, I’m not against taxis. I use them all the time and believe they should make a decent living providing us transportation alternatives. Let’s start by lowering the price of the medallions not tacking on additional fees like the new fuel surcharge.

Sunday, I look forward to taking the train down to the Village. I’m sure that the MTA, the kind hearted souls that they are, will suspend any weekend constructions, to allow for full service on my line. There will be no need for me to wait for 20 minutes for a train nor will I have to be subjected to altered routes or bypasses.

Hey MTA, forget the holiday discount and increase the service and cleanliness of some of the stations. I’m tired of holding my breathe in some of the stations. Oh, and how about disinfecting some of the scary suspect looking train cars. I’m tired of seeing greasy forehead marks on the glass partitions.