Friday, November 18, 2005

My only winter hat makes me look like Mushmouth.

Mother Nature woke up and told Heat Miser to head South. The first snowfall hit Buffalo yesterday and thus entered Snow Miser. I don’t mind the cold really. What I abhor is the wind. In NYC, the skyscrapers cause a tunnel effect on certain blocks causing wind velocities to increase. In short, I get blown all over the place.

When wind picks up and the chill factor increases, I have a difficult time steadying myself in my heels. Last night, I regretted not wearing nylons under my trumpet skirt. I huddled at the very corner of the bus shelter praying a bus would make it’s way up Broadway quickly.

Every winter I encounter a dilemma: winter weather gear. I have more gloves than I can count. I have several scarves to keep me warm. What I don’t have is a hat. I had a hat. It was a beautiful cozy hat but I lost it. Every year, I tell myself I need to go buy a hat. Every year, winter comes and I’ve forgotten to get one.

Why don’t you just go out and buy a bloody hat? It’s not that simple. I’m a vain individual when it comes to my hat. Now, if there is a snowstorm, I have no problem putting on that one piece head scarf, I look like a ninja hat Lrudlrick bought me two winters ago for Christmas. I just can’t wear that thing under normal winter weather.

When I walk the dogs, I wear any old hat I can find. I honestly don’t care what I look like when I walk the dogs, so long as I am relatively toasty and my hands are accessible to pick up poop as needed. When I go to work though, I can’t very well walk in with a ski-mask.

I’m like the cute little knit caps that everyone is wearing now. I just can’t justify $20 for a knit cap. Banana, I don’t understand how you can justify $40 for yours. I’ve paid $25 for my spring/fall bucket hat, but that’s a bucket hat. You want me to pay $20 for what essentially is a newborn stocking cap!

Does H&M sell winter hats? Anyone know an inexpensive place to buy a simple winter hat?