Thursday, October 13, 2005

When is the rain going to stop?

With the rain pouring over the city most of us look like wet dogs and cats when we get to the office. It's a sad sight. It's sadder for our shoes. My pretty babies have had to be sidelined. Knee high boots are now a staple. I'm even prepared to pick up some galoshes.

The last time I had galoshes was in grammar school. I still don’t know the difference between grammar school and elementary school except one has a British origin. They were red with a picture of Snoopy on the outside of the boot.

One year during a windy storm, my boot got caught in some mud and my galosh pulled right off my foot. There I was in this storm trying to pry my boot free of the mud while holding onto my matching Snoopy umbrella, steadying my heavy backpack and hopping on one foot.

That was the last time I wore those galoshes.

Anyway, I donated 5 pairs of shoes to Goodwill which I'm quite proud of. I still don't have room in my closet yet I couldn't help but pick up these babies last month:

This make me feel very 80's working girl.

Reminds me of my high school days.

Sometimes you just need a practical shoe. Ok, Lrudlrick wanted us to walk faster than my mules would allow so I popped into a local shop and picked up these babies.

Of course, I can't wear any of these beauties until the sogginess dries out. Maybe there have been innovations in galosh technology. Maybe I can still wear them. I know I could use a pair of galoshes walking the dogs.

By the way, I just want to thank my lovely hubby for taking the dogs last night for me. After my morning walk from hell, we planned to take a dog a piece but after watching me wrestle with the umbrella while dragging our reluctant dog out to do his business, he took them both. Thank you, Lrudlrick. You're the best.