Monday, October 17, 2005

"They say it's your birthday! It's my birthday too, yeah!"

BTW, when I was younger I though the Beatles were saying 'y'all'. I couldn't understand why a pair of British songwriters would use a Southern slang word.

Ok, it’s not my birthday yet but my husband started the festivities this weekend by making me dinner. That’s right folks, the infamous Spaghetti and Meatball meal. After a two year hiatus, Lrudlrick’s meatballs came back. A friend pointed out he stopped making the SnM meal in 2003, the year we got married. Coincidence? Hmmm.

Last night over a nice bottle of red (Tuscan, my favorite), I had two giant helpings of his yummy meal followed by a gut blasting bowl of chocolate brownie ice cream topped with raspberries and strawberries. I never felt more like Violet Beauregarde than I did last night.

Originally he said he was trying to surprise me by having my brother show up but he had other plans with his girlfriend. Lrudlrick knows it’s been awhile since we’ve gotten together and it really would have been a great surprise but I know that he’s had his hands full. We’ll catch up soon, I’m sure.

I’m not a big party person when it comes to my birthday. I like casual, intimate get-togethers.

Honestly, I see my birthday as a holiday from work. Unfortunately, I have to work on my birthday this year but even if I took off, it would have been filled with tons of home errands. As you get older, birthdays no longer involve streamers. Birthdays become reminders to check your 401K plan and your insurance policy. It’s not all bad though. I get to be princess for a day. I find nothing wrong with wearing a tiara around the house while paying bills.

I like to keep my birthday quiet around my workplace though. My office thinks otherwise. I work in an Elaine Benes office where cake is a meal best served weekly. In fact, two cakes have become the norm. When you're hired here, you are warned of two things: what you get paid will most likely go into an office party and what you lose financially on your paycheck, you gain in lbs on your body.

Last week, we had a chocolate mousse cake and what I can only describe as a dome of egg cake smothered with fruit cup fruit and the lightest, melt in your mouth whipped cream. This was served in honor of my birthday and two other colleagues. This grand finale was preceded by a delectable lunch of roasted chicken.

The festivities don’t end there, folks. Apparently, there will be another one on one birthday luncheon on Wednesday where I’ll be stuffed to the gills once again.

I’m not complaining. I love food but I’m beginning to think I should have reconsidered rescheduling my doctor’s appointment to November. At this rate my cholesterol will hit high. Yes, folks, I still have not been able to get my physical completed. I finally found another provider, this one on the Westside. Unfortunately, she was booked until the end of October. If I cancel now, I’m sure I won’t be able to get in to see her until December.

Back to me and my birthday, I’m not sure what Lrudlrick has in mind for me but I didn’t get excited about my birthday until everyone started calling and emailing me about my birthday. Now, I’m starting to get those twinkle eyes. I’m two emails away from pulling out the JCPenney catalog and circling my favorite toys. Don’t tell me I’m the only one who did this as a kid.

I’d like to say that all I want for my birthday is world peace but I’m a realist. Peace ain’t happening when there are egos ruling the world. Instead, for my birthday all I want is a day without stress. I don’t know if this is possible but I think I’m going to strive for this. So far my work schedule is light knock on wood and my evening will be spent with friends. I’ll worry about the dog’s follow up visit on Friday and the giant 14,500 BTU A/C that is still in our dining room another day.

Here’s to hoping for a stress free birthday to all my fellow Librans.