Wednesday, October 19, 2005

About me:

1. I’m naturally inclined towards male friends than female friends.
I’ve always been girly on the outside but tomboy on the inside. Hence it’s led to a lot of internal struggles. I’d go into to detail but my male side says to move on.
2. I have lip balm and lotion stashed in nearly every room in my apartment.
This is partly because of an addiction, partly due to my laziness. I live in a one bedroom apartment but find walking over to the bedroom for my Burt Bee’s is too much physical exertion especially after I’ve hunkered down into my couch and made a mini-fort with my pillows.
3. I’ve punted my girl dog more than I can count.
I love Z-girl. It’s just that she’s always in the way.
She has a tendency to lie by your feet so when you decide to get up from the desk, table or couch, she nearly gets stomped on. She also overreacts and does this Scooby doo thing with her feet and cowers to the side.
When you do remember to check before you step down, she isn’t there but where ever you want to go Z-girl is already there. Want to go to bed, guess who is already in my spot? Want to sit on the couch, guess who has to be moved? So when you want to walk down the hallway, you better make sure you look less you punt her accidentally. Lrudlrick thinks Z-girl can see the future. “Where you are thinking about going, she is already there.”
4. I've mistaken my dog for a pillow.
This was pre-lasik days. Sorry P-man.
5. I hate when people lean over me and get there hot nose breath on me.
I'm a petite woman. On the train, I expect people to hover over me. I don't expect them to hover over me on line waiting to buy movie tickets. Nor do I expect them to hover over me at the museum. Here is another tip, Mr. Towers, since your mouth is fairly close to my ear, I hear everything you say as if it was spoken through a megaphone. If it isn't bad enough I have to hear you 'hmmmpfff' through your noise, you've got to discuss meeting a friend by the Picasso hovering over me. Be respectful of personal space.
6. I really love chocolate snaps.
When I was a kid I used to save my money to buy these things:

Man oh man, were these things delicious. Nowadays, I keep a stash of chocolate cookie dough ready in the freezer for cravings. They also make great additions to orange ice cream.
7. I once woke myself up with a fart.
I'm really embarrassed to admit this but my body woke my mind up with a powerful fart. It was the force that shook me up. If I recall, even the dogs were like, "Damn!" Which leads to, have dogs ever woken themselves up with some bodily function?
8. When I was 11, I started my own lending library.
I even made little library check out cards using index cards and envelopes. My penchant for organizing and cataloging started very early in life. I was the kid that put the toys away in nursery school.
9. I hate moving.
I love to visit new places. I love the smell of fresh paint. I don’t even mind the re-organization required in a new place. I just hate moving. I lived in an apartment until I was three. Then for 15 years I lived in the same neighborhood in the same house.
Now I’m not saying that one should stay in the same place forever. There comes a time in a person’s life when they realize that they’ve outgrown their home and community. Heck, as soon as I was in college, I knew it was time for me to move on to a new home.
But it is also important to plant roots every now and then.
10. I love ‘New York State of Mind’ in a cheesy, ‘Moon and New York City’ kind of way.
I've been known to hum the song when I'm homesick.
11. I’m afraid of spiders.
More specifically, I love spiders because they kill other insects but fear that I may one day be trapped in my shower with a spider. Naked and defenseless with a spider is my fear.
12. My brother used to call me Big Butt but that's because I don't have the standard flat Asian butt.
I'd add a photo but I don't want my ass all over the internet. LOL.
13. Between picking up dog poop or wiping their paws and booties, I choose dog poop.
I don't know why but whenever Lrudlrick and I take the dogs out, I always volunteer to pick up the poop in exchange for him wiping their butts and paws. I suppose it's because when I pick up the poop I've got a sandwich baggie covering my hand.
14. I have a Monica closet.
Ok, it's more like a drawer. It's like a secret compartment where I don't care if it's not organized. It actually makes me feel good looking into it every now and then.
15. I love toasted peanut butter and bologna sandwiches.
It reminds me of my afternoon teas with my grandfather.
16. When I was a kid I had a Kiss thermos.
Of course, I wasn't allowed to bring it to school because we had school lunches but it didn't deter me from asking my mom and dad for it.
I don't think I even knew what songs they sang either. I never had a Kiss album. In fact, the wildest thing I had in my collection back then was The Carpenters.
Still to this day, I smile thinking about Kiss and that Thermos.
17. When I was a kid, my mother told me if I told her what my nightmare was, it would come true.
I think she just was too tired to listen to my illogical fears. Of course, having no outlet to release my nightmares to, I lived in fear every night and subsequently had regular recurring nightmares. Thus, my habit of staying up all night was born.
Today, I tell Lrudlrick my dreams. Even the one where the Brady Bunch chased me through my old neighborhood and tried to stick a syringe in my arm. Folks, never trust a person wearing all polyester.
18. I get bursts of inspiration in the middle of the night.
Others consider them OCD inspired compulsions.
19. If I could, I'd put a label on everything.
I am so addicted to my labelmaker, I've labeled my dogs' items. Is there such a thing as labelmakers anonymous? If so, can I make the 'hello my name is' labels?
20. On the subject of bad songs I love, I love 'Dancing Queen' by Abba. To this day, I can still picture the 45 I had my dad buy for me when I was a kid.
21. I cook when I'm happy. I cook when I'm mad. I cook when I'm stressed. I cook when I'm bored. When I'm really bored, I label and organize. Lrudlrick does not understand this concept. I don't really understand it myself.
22. I believe that we are one with nature. Our actions have consequences not only to ourselves but to nature and the people around us.
23. My brother is one of my best friends.
We don’t get to spend as much time as I’d like together and some of his choices make me scratch my head but I still love him and consider him a confidant and value his opinions. Don’t let it get to your head, lil’ bro, I’m still older.
24. When I was 13 I thought I’d be married by 21 and mother to 3.5 kids by the age of 27.
I look back and laugh at how crazy that sounds now. I was an idiot (well, I was dating an idiot) at 21 and just coming to know myself at 27. I could never have been a good parent during that time in my life.
25. Dumplings are my all time favorite Chinese food.
When we were kids, we had dumplings or steamed buns for breakfast. God, those were amazing. That’s why…
26. I can’t eat a Pop Tart without gagging.
Sugary breakfast foods, aside from homemade scones and muffins, make me ill. My grandfather once tried to shove Frosted Flakes down my empty belly before school. That day, it all popped back out during a pop quiz in English class. Since then, I can't eat any pre-packaged breakfast foods.
27. My brother hit me with a putt-putt golf club when I was 8.
I swear that’s why I have a mini-Sade forehead.
28. My brother hit me with free weights when I was 13.
I can’t walk into a gym without cringing.
29. I was shocked as all hell when my husband proposed to me the first and second times.We’d talked about it but I was more on the casual side of things. Neither of us felt pressured. We were happy. I don’t think he’ll ever know the shock and awe I felt. He totally planned it without any hints given. Thank you, Lrudlrick.
30. If I had a chance to do a scene on a drama program I'd wish it to be on CSI (anyone of them).
See, I love putting puzzles together. It's an OCD thing. So I wouldn't really be acting. They can shoot me during a montage where a labrat (that would be me) is putting bone fragments together or reconstructing a shredded piece of paper.