Monday, September 19, 2005

"You better keep movin', You better keep movin' 'cos, ...ahhh, you've been left behind."

This past week, I’ve rushed downtown after work to check out apartments. Every day, Lrudlrick has left me IMs with addresses and meeting times. Every day, without complaint, I rush out of work. Because I have odd hours at work, I need to beeline downtown before it's too late to see the apartments. I take the train down, check out apartments then beeline back on the train to go home to walk the dogs before they burst.

My average day this past week has been as follows:

Wake up
Walk dogs
Go to work/Conference into meetings while commuting
Meetings until 12:30
Head home/Conference into meetings while commuting
Move car, walk dogs, eat lunch
Go to work
Rush down to Chelsea area
Check out apartments
Beeline back home
Walk dogs
Eat dinner/Go to community meeting/Draft project plan for packing
Heat dinner up for Lrudlrick
Talk about apartments
Go to bed
Wake up in the middle of the night (anxiety/night terrors)
Pass out from exhaustion

I’m just thankful that my meetings this week have not required me to travel to the eastside or downtown.

It’s been so nutty, my nervous stomach is back. If you don’t know what a nervous stomach is like, imagine out of the blue someone punches you in the stomach or you feel like you haven’t eaten in 3 days.

I’ve been caught at meetings with an attack. All you want to do is fall over into the fetal position. On the train the other day, I felt as though I’d pass out.

It’s just been one thing after another; one craziness into the next. Well, at least when we move, I’ll just focus on work and not have to worry about heading home on time.

With some new responsibilities, it looks like my hours at work will extend again. I’ve got meetings regularly scheduled at 5:30 now which means, I won’t get out until 7ish. This means the move will benefit the pooches because they will continue to have their regular walks from Lrudlrick and I won’t feel obligated to go home in between meetings to take care of them.