Thursday, September 15, 2005

Things I like to do with my best friend:

Things I still love to do after a decade of being best friends:

1. Make Lrudlrick wig out by playing with my soft shell crab. His face as I suck a crab leg in and out of my mouth is priceless. The face on the hoity-toity patrons sitting next to us was even better.
2. Rolling over in bed and seeing his innocent face. Even when his mouth is open and the breath of Rip Van Winkle blows past my nose. It’s just a good feeling to wake up next to him.
3. Tickling him even though I know he hates it. It’s the one argument I always win.
4. Picking out presents for him. Out of everyone, I have the most fun buying his presents.
5. Receiving his morning goodbye kiss. My day doesn’t seem right without it.
6. Snuggling up next to each other on the couch for an afternoon nap. It's as comforting as chocolate cake but without the calories.
7. Walking the dogs together on a warm summer night. Even if it's down to the corner store for a pint of ice cream.
8. Rolling our dogs onto their back and rubbing their bellys until they can't take it anymore.
9. Making the bed together. Ok, watching him make the bed as I fiddle with the pillowcases. That mattress is heavy!
10. Receiving his evening hello kiss. Even if he's sweaty.