Friday, September 23, 2005

There was a reason I cancelled my Netflix and Blockbuster memberships...

We didn’t get it.

I don’t know how to feel.

Relieved? Disappointed? Elated? Deflated?

Lrudlrick is stressed beyond stressed. He’s flying home from a business trip to Vancouver. He has ton of work to keep him occupied during the flight, the disappointment of touring homes and filing paperwork for 3 weeks straight to get bupkiss and the fact that I’m not jumping on his wagon to move and he’s miffed.

I’m not doing cartwheels mind you. For the last three weeks, I've felt like I've been in on an eternal audition in 'A Chorus Line'. Put some tap shoes on my feet, a top hat on my head and a cane in my hand and I'll do a snazzy audition scene for you. "God, I hope I get it, I hope I get it! How many people does he need? How many boys, how many girls?"

I know that we’re going to move inevitably so I'm not letting myself hit that slump again. As the days pass, my unhappiness for this whole deal is waning. This means that my husband will now take a sabbatical from apartment hunting. Eventually, I’ll forget about his obsession and that’s when he’ll get all excited about moving again. It’s Murphy’s Law.

Since Lrudlrick is plum tuckered out with house hunting, he’s decided to focus on work for awhile. Meanwhile, I continue to trudge through our apartment, cleaning and re-organizing.

I figure, we’re going to be moving eventually and I really didn’t do spring cleaning this year, so I’m not going to stop rummaging through our stuff. Plus, I did promise myself I'd sort through the gross excessives of my life and share them with those in the Gulf who need it more than me. I mean, here I am crying about leaving my apartment when most people in the Gulf Coast don't have a home, let alone a clean pair of drawers.

I started the sorting. I’ve got four piles: sell, donate, trash, keep. The one good thing about Lrudlrick’s penchant for moving is he kicks my butt into gear about my annual home cleanings. I may have OCD but I can get pretty complacent about certain areas, such as our file cabinet, entertainment center and desk area.

I’ve started my Fall Sweep in the living room, my husband's room. Last night, I tackled our cds, DVDs, pc/Xbox games and assorted toys found in our entertainment chest. Well, sort of. I haven’t quite finished yet. See, I need approval from Lrudlrick for certain items. For example, I'm content selling his smoke ring gun. He's not. I have no qualms getting rid of the Airzooka. He's not. I’m perfectly happy selling Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo. Lrudlrick, not so much. He’s happy with selling Sliding Doors. I’m not.

Ok, how likely am I going to have the urge to pop in Sliding Doors into the DVD again? Not highly likely but I still want to keep it. Maybe there is some sentimental value to Rob Schneider for Lrudlrick. Who knows.

By hour three, I asked myself, where does all this come from? What provoked me to buy all these movies?
When do I think I want to watch a DVD? I love most of my DVDs. Most are collections but when did I think I was going to pull out the entire season 3 of ‘Father Ted’ and watch it? It’s a great show but I have a hard enough time trying to keep up with the current Fall schedule and new movies. Popping in ‘Greg the Bunny’ is the last thing on my to do list.

Now, I can keep these movies but for what? I’ve had these DVDs for years now and aside from lending them to friends and the occasional, let’s-check-out-that-episode-where moment, we really don’t pull them out to watch.

Oh, and can someone tell me why I kept 20+ diskettes? By the 8th disk, I was expecting to pull out floppies.

Tonight, I go through a massive amount of DVDs, CDs and videotapes that are not labeled. A few years back, Lrudlrick and I got into this weird stop-start animation kick. So we’ve got tons of DVD-Rs with us fiddling with a Crocodile Hunter action figure and our 70 gallon fish tank. Of course, the idea of labeling these discs didn’t dawn on us then. So some may have work info, some may have video, some are old mix cds, some may be junk disks that didn’t finalize properly.

Hmm. Maybe I’ll be able to pop in Shaun of the Dead while I sort through the lot.