Thursday, September 08, 2005

Quest for affordable housing. Yes, folks, we're moving, again.

Every two years, Lrudlrick gets the itch. I’ve spoken about it before. This time, I’m not as apprehensive. Why? Circumstances have changed and our future plans are changing with them. We’re hoping to move closer to my husband’s job. On any given workday, I don’t see him until after 10pm. Since his schedule is less flexible than mine, we figured we should be closer to his job for awhile.

Now moving closer means of course that we’re giving up space alot of space but I guess that’s what we have to live with. Heck, we should be grateful we’ll have space.

This move is more for Lrudlrick than for our family. When we’re ready to settle somewhere, I’m sure we'll plant roots. I’m no longer apprehensive and against it. Now, I’m riding the wave. I don’t know in what phase I’m in the Kübler-Ross grief cycle now. I'm either still in denial or bargaining.

As long as FreshDirect or some grocery store delivers and I have a working kitchen, I’ll be ok. Of course kitchens and pets make our apartment hunt that much harder. See, although every one we know has a pet, not every building likes them. So you got to do the whole shmooze and sell routine to the damn board for approval.

And as for the kitchen, for those outside of NYC this may be hard to fathom but not every apartment has a kitchen or what you would define as a kitchen. A burner on a counter can be considered a kitchen in the city.
Heck, a toaster oven and a counter top can be considered a kitchen.

For me, a kitchen is my lab. It has to be useable. Now, I’m not picky. I’ve lived in apartments where I’ve only had two burners and a tiny oven. When I used to live on Hudson Street, I lived with a bathroom sized kitchen sink and a small gas stove and was content. Now though, I’ve amassed a plentitude of kitchen appliances, cookbooks, dishes and bric-a-brac that must be stored someplace readily assessable. Lrudlrick, if this means we’ve got cast iron skillets in your bedroom closet, so be it. I’m not parting with those babies. It took me years to get them nice and black.

So now the great hunt begins. Can we make it within our budget and find decent living quarters? Can we survive another tumultuous move? Stay tuned.