Saturday, September 10, 2005

Michael Jackson isn't the only one with McDonald's in their home.

We toured an apartment building. Well, we toured two apartment buildings. Apparently the buildings are interconnected. The smaller of the two only has one ancient looking washer and dryer. So you need to go through a tunnel like passage in the basement to get to the larger laundry room in the sister building. Spooky isn’t the right word because I was too busy avoiding construction equipment to be scared. All I needed to do was trip, break an ankle and have to lie there in agony until someone decided to do wash.

After surveying the equally ancient looking washers and dryers, Lrudlrick and I searched for the bike room. As we traversed the dark tunnels, we passed a women who had just gone down a flight of stairs. We watched as she entered a door that was clearly marked, ‘Women’.

L: “Wow, the basement has unisex bathrooms.”
broker: “Huh. That’s curious.”
pg: “Do I smell fries? I think this is McDonalds.”

As I proceeded up the pale blue and grey staircase, the smell of Big Macs and Quarter Pounders became stronger. Sure enough, at the top of the stairs was a row of fast food patrons waiting patiently on line to order their Happy Meals.

L: “Cool! We can freak out friends and tell them we have a McDonald’s in our building.”
broker: “Huh. That's interesting.”
pg: “Am I the only one that thinks this is a security issue?”
L: “Think about it. I can run down in my pjs, do a load of wash and get us Egg McMuffins.”