Friday, September 16, 2005

Just call us Mr. and Mrs. Replacements

We got the call. They gave the apartment to a previous tenant who wasn’t even a candidate.

Lrudlrick is bummed out. He gave me the news at 4pm today which means tonight I'll get a call from him with some ideas that have been swarming in his head.

As I predicted at 10pm he called. He calls me on his way home to ask me what I think about another apartment we saw. It was being renovated so it was hard to tell what it would look like. The Super said that a new bathroom, tiles, toilet, bathtub, the works would be installed. New wood flooring as well as an upgraded kitchen are planned.

So if we apply, we’re putting a good faith effort that we'll like the badly needed renovations. Like all affordable apartments in Manhattan there is little to nil natural light which bugs me but I’ve lived in worse apartments.

L: Well, what do you think?
pg: It doesn’t have a lot of natural light but I guess I can live there.
What I wanted to say was, you’re disheartened by the last apartment and just want to move already.
L: You sound very negative about this whole thing. I know you’re trying to be optimistic but it would help if you tried harder.
pg: What do you want me to say at 10pm on the phone? You want us to live there for a year, fine.
L: A year?
pg: Yes, a year. This time next year, I fully expect you to uproot us again so just fill out the application already, if you haven’t done so. I thought we were waiting for answers to some of our questions to the landlord, like, when will the apartment be ready and what appliances are they replacing.
L: Yes, we’re waiting but we don’t want to lose this opportunity.

Now I know the market is crazy and you really need to have your application in as soon as you see a decent place but am I the only one who thinks he’s rushing and jumping the gun?

I know that living closer to his job will make his life easier but does that mean we should settle?

I know he doesn’t understand how difficult this is for me and I’m really trying hard not to be so glum about this but I’m tired. I’m physically and emotionally tired. Nothing in my life is stable right now.

He replaces everything we build together every few years. You would think this would get easier and easier each year yet it just seems harder and harder for me.