Tuesday, September 06, 2005

It's the Fall. Time for leaves changing, apple pies and programming the DVR.

The weekend was lovely. The weather was perfect to do just about anything. We spent ours with family barbecuing. I made my guacamole and salsa which apparently makes people cry before even eating it. Sorry. I’ve got Asian blood in me. Spicy is good. Next time I’ll cut back on the Chile peppers.

I’m heading now towards my fall weather phase. This means Pantrygirl’s kitchen concludes the baking with berries phase and heads towards the bread and stew phase.

I get obsessed with a food and focus on it until I’m satisfied. One year, it was all about the potato. This year, I feel compelled to learn how to make more types of bread. Of course, with bread, one must have a hearty stew.

Yesterday, after we returned from The Met, I made sweet rolls. My husband has finished 6 by himself already. He even had one for breakfast this morning. BTW, Lrudlrick swears the Egyptians were the first to invent the copy machine. For proof head to the Egyptian Art exhibit and hang the first right.

Yes, this is my second trip in less than two months to The Met. Bloomberg has financed Met Mondays for all Monday Holidays this year. Usually the museums are closed on Mondays and holidays. We figured the other museums would follow suit so we headed to the Frick. Well obviously the Frick felt it didn’t need to be opened on Monday because The Met was. So we rambled back up to The Met instead. BTW, Lrudlrick, it’s not called the Frick because you can’t frickin’ get in.

I’m going to try to get to the Frick before the end of the year just to add more culture in this television obsessed brain of mine.

Speaking of television, I’ve got my television schedules ready and I’ve been programming my DVR. This year, we’ve got an added bonus, HDTV. As part of the weekend without the ball and chain, Lrudlrick picked up the new Time Warner HD DVR which means we can tape HD programs. Last year, we were relegated to not being able to pause the HD. For shame.

So now I have to verify if a program is on HD and if it is, tape it on the HD channel. Some programs are easy enough. CSI and Law and Order are givens. It’s the other programs that I have to verify.

Personally, I could care less if it’s on HD or not but Lrudlrick is insistent that we tape HD programs on HD. Whatever. My OCD ends with just being able to tape the damn show. I really don’t need to see David Caruso and his smarminess in HD glory.

So far nothing is catching my eye. The only thing that looks humorous is My Name is Earl but that’s because I like Jason Lee and Earl vaguely reminds me of H.I. McDonnough (aka Nicholas Cage in Raising Arizona).

Maybe I’m not catching the teasers enough. Oh, and for the Martha Stewart Apprentice writers, my tagline was so much better than the one you chose. “You just don’t fit in.” does not beat “You’re not a good thing.”
I’m tired of the Apprentice really. I loved the first season. As a project manager, it was interesting to watch the cat fighting. Then it just went all crazy and brought out every single person who wanted ten minutes of fame.
One day, I swear I’m going to hear, “The Apprentice: Kato Kaelin.”

Don’t take my opinions though as a barometer of what’s going to last though. Heck, even in college, I consistently berated shows that lasted. In our television critic class, I blasted Party of Five and that became some cultish hit. Of course, who knew people would fall for the iron shaped face of Jennifer Love Hewitt. I suppose if I can predict anything it’s that the shows I like will tank or at least have a bumpy ride (aka Andy Richter, Futurama, Family Guy, Arrested Development, Newsradio etc) and the shows I loathe will make the grade.