Saturday, September 17, 2005

Frustration hits Lrudlrick

Our days no longer start with good morning. Instead they begin with references to our broker.

"I'm going to call Christine."
"Did Heather email?"
"I'm going to tell Maurice forget it. I'm sick of this and the fighting."

The last one was from this morning. After our 10pm call, Lrudlrick came home. He heated up some leftovers and came to our bedroom and sat on the one-seater. He looked at me as I continued to type away on the laptop. I knew he wanted to talk. I knew finding an apartment was on his mind. It's the only topic nowadays.
I just didn't want to hear it.

Sure, I was avoiding. All we've talked about was apartments and moving. I just wanted one night of talking that didn't involve apartments.

This morning as I ran out of the house, Lrudlrick asked me if I wanted to move. "No and you should know this by now but I go where you go. That’s the deal."

Defeated, he left. Does this mean no moving for us? No. It just means he’s hit the disheartened stage.

I spoke to him later in the day and told him to just stick to 1 agency for now. This multiple dating of brokers is too much work for him. Plus, it feels like cheating.

Tomorrow, will be a new day and the tiredness and frustration will subside.