Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Freedom and Arepas. What else can a girl ask for?

Not having to wear contacts has brought lots of freedom. I can fall asleep without worrying about waking up in the middle of the night to remove them. I don’t have to worry about mistaking the dog for a pillow. I’m not walking into doors, although I did slam my head into one on Sunday.

It’s a strange freedom really. It’s a forgotten freedom. For those who are not sight impaired, you do not realize how much you don’t worry about your eyes. Now, I just wake up, wash my face and head out the door.

Being naked, sans makeup, isn’t as hard as I thought it would be either. I'm still happy that i can wear makeup starting tomorrow. I've got a big board meeting and a bit of makeup can boost my confidence a bit.

I’ve decided to throw out my contact solution and case but donate my old pair of glasses to a local battered women’s shelter. The new pair may go to a friend. They are less than 30 day old and have served me well. Hopefully the frames will work for her.

At work, I’m still not used to the fluorescent lighting so I’ve taken to wearing my sunglasses indoors periodically. My boss calls me the Asian Ray Charles. I take them off depending on comfort level.

Sunlight is less of a nuisance but I still wear my shades and wear a baseball cap, aka the celebrity incognito look. After awhile, you completely forget you’re wearing shades. I was in the house watching an episode of ‘Dirty Jobs’ when my husband asked me why I was still wearing the shades. “The shades are drawn, the lights are barely on. Why do you still have them on?” Because, I'm reenacting the Memorex commercial.

If you are considering getting Lasik, I highly recommend it. Sure, you will be apprehensive but once you talk through your apprehensions with your doctor and feel comfortable going forward, you'll be quite happy you decided to go for it. You'll be able to read the alarm clock. It will no longer look like a blur of red. You won't have to worry about packing extra contacts or glasses.

As for my allergies, I’m sure the corti-steriods and antibiotics have helped. The real test will be next year but so far it feels like my eyes can actually breathe. I know this sounds odd but they really do feel like they can breathe.

On a side note: We went out to a great arepas place in the East Village with Dave and Judy. Now, please don’t tell me you’ve tried a Mozzarepa at a street fair and think you know arepas. Check out Caracas before you tell me you’ve had an arepas. The brunch was so delicious and filling, we didn’t feel the need to eat dinner until 9pm. Did I also mention the price is completely affordable?