Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Day two of the waiting game. It's like the NBA drafts but without the press and bling

The broker called us and said that they will consider us even though we have pets. It’s a glimmer of hope.

We finally get a call in the morning from the broker. They will look over the applications this week and let us know in two days. In the meantime, we continue to search.

This anticipation is killing me, especially since I promised myself to not berate Lrudlrick with my apprehensions on moving again. It hasn't been easy but I’ve been trying desperately to sound a bit more enthusiastic.

I’m sure wherever we move, I’ll be fine, but I’m a very plant roots kind of girl and it’s hard for me to accept change especially so frequently.

I haven’t mentioned my work woes here for fear of no longer having work woes aka losing my job but things are really unstable where I am. I tried speaking to Lrudlrick about it but he freaked out on me instead of being the normal calm-and-cool Lrudlrick. Now, I just stay in my lily pad and peek out every now and then to check out the craziness at work.

So, with work instability it’s very hard for me to come to terms that my home life is unstable now as well. It will all work out though.

It isn’t all fun and games for Lrudlrick either. Every night, after spending a few hours viewing apartments, he returns home exhausted. He has the look of a boy coming home from a long day at school who just wants to glaze over. Just like said school boy he does just that. He beelines to the Xbox to play the latest game. Right now it’s one of the Star Wars games which requires him to choose to go light or dark. Of course he goes dark. Who wouldn’t go dark? The day my husband has to share that thing with a kid will be one for the books.

For now we just have to sit and wait and Force influence our enemies to do our bidding.

Tomorrow is the big day folks. I'm getting frickin' laser beamed in the eyes! If all goes well, I may be able to tell you how it goes. I wonder if I should do a ceremonial tossing of the contact lens case into the Hudson River.