Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Could there possibly be too much for me to watch on tv?

I’ve been really bad this year with my Fall TV. I try to watch the new programs every year but this year, between work and a possible move, I’ve fallen.

The only new programs I’ve watched so far are: My Name is Earl , How I Met Your Mother and Everybody Hates Chris.

I haven’t even checked out any of the new Lost followers: Surface and Threshold.

The problem is I have too many old standbys that I watch. CSI (and its crop), Law and Order (and its crop) and a plethora of half-hour sitcoms fill my DVR. Add to that my addiction to Discovery channel programs and my nights are filled with tried and true.

It’s a shame really. I really do feel for the freshman crop. In October, I’ll try to check out a few more programs. Nothing really pops out though. Any suggestions?

I finally cleaned out the storage closet. I shoved all the memory boxes in. The last closet that needs to be cleaned is Lrudlrick’s. This closet will not be touched by me. Lrudlrick has the pleasure of weeding through the vast quantities of workout stuff he has in there. We have this giant sparring doohickey that he bought on a lark. He honestly thought that if he punched this thing in our apartment, the neighbors downstairs wouldn’t complain.

We also have this blow up, Weeble like sparring thingamajig that required gallons of water to weigh it down. Filling this PVC blow up with water seemed to time consuming so it hasn’t been used either.

They say women buy a ton of diet/workout stuff but I think men are just as guilty if not more so. For women, we’ll buy a tape or a book or even some cool workout clothes. Men buy giant contraptions that require huge tracts of land. We’ve gone through treadmills, punching bags, weights, toning sticks (I have not idea what these things do) and other martial arts paraphernalia.

The only thing I have is a mat. A plain old mat I use to stretch.

Mind you, my husband has a gym membership too. Plus, there is a fee based gym in our building. Yet, we still have this crap stuffed in our closets.

Every yard sale has an exercise equipment section. Why don’t we get it. It’s not going to be used. Don’t buy it. Still, every few months, we get sucked into buying one of these crazy contraptions. I’m waiting for Lrudlrick to come home with a Tony Little machine.

You can do it!