Wednesday, July 27, 2005

You're gonna make it after all.........

It’s another blistery, hot and humid day in the city. It’s so hot, you can sweat just standing still, in the shade, with nothing on but a tank top and shorts. I haven’t been in blogville for awhile and I realize that I do miss it. I miss sharing and I miss reading everyone else’s entries. However, the primary reason I haven’t blogged in awhile is simply because of work. Work has been quite hectic and stressful. Everything I’ve written so far is work related. Maybe once the turmoil has passed, I can post them but for now, until the turbulence subsides, I will need to keep my seatbelt fastened.
All I’ll say is that everyone has gone through what I’m going through here, but this is my first time going through it and I’m nervous, angry, anticipatory and stressed. Perfect for blogging, right? I just want this feeling to be over with already. I hate feeling like I’m in limbo.

Funny thing is, I’m surprised how passionate I am about this. For the last two years, I’ve focused less on my work life and more on home life. My years in technical systems led to a life filled with late hours at work, holidays at the office and taking work home. Now, I believe I’ve found a satisfactory medium.

Anyway, like I said, when all my stress about work passes, I’ll be back to good old pantrygirl, obsessing about one thing or another.

Last week I wrote about my night of crazy cooking. Well, most of the food is gone. It would have been completely gone had it not been for my husband and possibly our cousin catching food poisoning. This teaches you, Lrudlrick, about eating other people’s food when you have perfectly good eats at home. Just teasing but you should have stuck to my spaghetti and meatballs and left it at that.

Well, the cooking was part de-stresser and part preparation for cousins that were supposed to arrive for the weekend. Someone recently pointed out that I talk about my cousins a lot. I have to note that yes, I have a lot of cousins. My husband is Hispanic and I’m Asian. We have big families. Well, plans changed and on Thursday, they asked us to go up to PA to visit.

Long story short, since it was primarily a get together for the male cousins to relive some youthful days of debauchery, the ladies stayed in NYC. I can’t attest to what our men did up in PA but it most have been a doozy. By Sunday, my husband was laid up in pain. On Monday, I left work early to be with him at the doctor’s. It was a scheduled appointment so it wasn’t an emergency but still. I’m not even going to tell you my thoughts on partying the weekend before a planned doctor’s appointment.

So as our men recuperate, us ladies are going to the Berkshires this weekend for some RnR. We leave tomorrow. Personally, I feel like I’ve already started my “It’s about me” weekend. With the guys away last weekend, I spent Friday night catching up on girlie shows and Saturday walking around the city like I did when I was single. I felt like Mary Richards but without the beret. The weekend would have included a biking tour but my bike decided to have chain issues so I guess I’m headed to the bike shop on Sunday to get it fixed. I must have done something wrong to bikes in my past life.

I’ve never been to a weekend RnR retreat like this before. The closest I’ve come to this was a trip to a spa resort where we spent most of the day in robes and being treated like Kobe cows. This trip involves meditation and yoga. I’ve never done yoga so this will be interesting. I gather it’s like the mediation and stretches I do so I shouldn’t feel too self-conscious. Oh, and I’ve scheduled some type of ayurvedic massage that consists of oils, vigorous rubbing and rhythmic movements. dirty I’m not sure what makes this different than the basic massage which is $25 cheaper but if it can melt away my work stress, I’ll be quite happy.

I’ll post pictures when I return.