Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Slow roasting in the city...

This is week 3 on the ponytail hairdo. The humidity is disgusting and although my hair doesn’t get frizzy, it loses all its body.

I’m sick of ponytail. Well, I've never been fond of the ponytail, at least for work. I look young. Put me in a ponytail and I look younger. So I try to avoid the intern look and leave my hair down at work.

This heat though has relegated me to ponytail/bun/twists. Can it rain already and wash away this humidity? Seriously. Two days ago, I was reading about flash flooding in Jersey and the first thought in my head was, “Lucky bastards.”

As I was walking home last night, droplets of rain fell intermittently. I hoped that a downpour would follow. 20 minutes later, it was still bright as anything and the sprinkling only left my shirt spotted and my glasses hazy.

For the love of Pete, please let this humidity go away.

Z-girl isn’t keen on long walks now. With this humidity, she can’t even make it to the park without panting obscenely. She beelines towards to the building after she does her business. Unfortunately her brother, P-man, takes his time and has to sniff every crack, tree and pole. She looks like a pointer pulling my left arm towards the building while I’m being dragged towards another hydrant by P.

Now I have to make a confession. For the last week or so, the dogs and I have passed by the kids park where they have a sprinkler doodad that the kids run back and forth under. I have wanted desperately to run in there with the two dogs to cool off. This isn't bad except, I've pictured myself terrorizing the kids with the dogs to hog the sprinkler. I hang my head in shame.

I know I have one more installment of my BI notes to write about: What to do. Personally, the best part of BI is doing nothing but I will include some activities soon. I haven’t had a chance to write it out. I will also add some more pictures. Maybe the pictures of the cool water will ease the discomfort. It’s just too darn hot to do anything when I get home.

For the last few days this has been my schedule:

Wake up
Walk Dogs
Go Home
Walk Dogs
Do something that doesn’t require lots of movement/exertion
Walk Dogs
Shower (depends on heat)

So, sorry but there isn’t much in Pantrygirl’s life to rant/rave about except the damn humidity. As soon as I can tear myself away from the multiple showers required to survive this heat, I’ll finish my BI notes.