Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Reasons why I love BI

Reasons why I love BI
1. The seafood. “Acres and acres of seafood and it’s all mine.”
2. The appreciation the residents have for nature and historical preservation. The whole island should be a landmark if it isn’t already.
3. The salty sea, the warm afternoons and the breezy nights.
4. Falling asleep to the sound of the ocean.
5. A journal, a camera and a good book = entertainment. I’m surprised the next great novel hasn’t been written here yet. Or has it?
6. You can bike the island a million times and still find a new path or undiscovered nature every time.
7. Steak Fries, Clam Bakes and other community socials.
8. There is one local newspaper. Once you’ve read it cover to cover, you can pretty much figure out where everyone will be on a given day.
9. You can't take a bad picture in BI. Every photo looks like it's a postcard.
10. It’s my own Merchant Ivory film but without the corsets and social class issues.

A valiant attempt to save the castle.