Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Personal thoughts on Block Island...

After writing a few missives here, I’ve gotten a few questions about BI. I highly recommend a trip there, even if it’s a daytrip. Disclaimer: Nothing on paper could describe BI and its personality.

One thing you’ll find is that a Google search won’t give you anything about BI except pictures and fab reviews. This again, is due to BI’s nature. It’s laid back. It’s unpretentious. It’s a provincial seaside you would read about in novels. It’s On Golden Pond without the crotchety old guy with Alzheimer’s.

I’m not saying I’m a Rick Steve’s of BI. I’m just here to offer my 2 cents. If you’ve visited and have tips, feel free to add them to the comments section. I’m sure there will be questions that I haven’t answered so feel free to email me or write it on the comments section and I’ll try to answer it. Or maybe a fellow BI visitor/resident will answer it.

If you like New England and its relaxed atmosphere, you’ll like Block Island. If you’re looking for drunken debauchery, you can get it at certain locations but that’s not why you should go there.