Tuesday, July 12, 2005

I'm officially back. My routine is returning.

I'm officially back today.

I really enjoyed my vacation. Sure, it was too short and my bike was stolen but by next year, I'll only remember the good times.

BTW, if you are in Block Island and see a black men's mountain bike with a brand new kick stand and black bell with compass, email me. On the side of the bike it says, 'Outlaw'. That bike was the bike my husband bought and rode home after the East Coast black out of 2003. It was also a replacement bike for me after my original bike was stolen. Yes, I have bad bike karma. I'm 2 for 3.

Block Island brings a lot of memories of my dad. I feel his spirit there. When we boarded the boat home, I found myself crying. I couldn't stop it. But it wasn't a sad cry. It was cathartic. Poor Lrudlrick looked bewildered and I couldn’t explain how it felt like I was saying goodbye to my dad again but it was ok.

We got back to NYC and spent a day doing the touristy things. We walked around Times Square and even waited on the obscenely long TKTS line. We watched as a NY1 Noticias reporter juggled cameraman duty and on-air duty then watched as the steel drum band started working the tourist crowd for ‘money for the band’. Oh, and we also learned that the time share salesmen in Florida also work Times Square. Instead of tickets to Disney, they give away Broadway tickets or dinner vouchers.

A few words to NY, London and Paris before I head to bed:
NYC, sorry you didn’t get the Olympics.
London, congrats and condolences. Talk about hi-lows.
Paris, stop being so Paris. Between what Chirac said before the G8 summit and the caddy rumors of bribes for the Olympics, you look like an ugly stepchild.