Wednesday, June 22, 2005

"Stop the world. I want to get off."

I finally get Lrudlrick who informs me that the he may be at his meeting for another hour to an hour and a half. I’m going to have to find a way to keep the pooches fairly cool until he gets here which could be anywhere between noon and one. I want to point out that I am slightly grateful that I was in my work clothes. I’ll despise it later but because I was going to work, I had my watch on. All other times, I rely on my cell phone for time. Note to self: Dependency to cell phone reaches past phone numbers. Start wearing a watch.

“I’m going into the park with the dogs. I’ll meet you in the front.”

Sitting on the hot asphalt for nearly 2 hours was not going to work with two dogs with chow fur. Plus, I didn't want to look like a derelict camped out in front of my apartment building. In the park, I hoped to find shading and some water for the dogs.

We get to the park and the pooches immediately drag me towards the right hand path. This path leads to the dog run. I get there and it’s empty. Of course, it would be empty. It’s a Tuesday morning. Everyone is at work. I'd be at work too if I didn't lock myself out of the house. I let the dogs loose and tell them to refrain from rough housing too much. Like the dogs understand anything out of my mouth that doesn’t include, WALK, OUT, SIT, BACON, CHEESE and POTATO.

I pray that someone filled the trough with water but since I’m the first one here, it’s empty. The dogs run to the trough and look at the empty bucket and look at me. With tongues hanging out, they nudge the trough and look at me. “Dudes. I’m sorry. I don’t have any with me. We need to get a container so I can fill it for you.”

In a move, that would make ‘normal’ Pantrygirl cringe, I began scouring the area for an empty container that I could wash and use to give my poor dogs refreshment. All the time, Z-girl is walking by my side hitting my hand. Whenever she wants something, she will hit your hand with her snout. “I’m looking. I’m looking.”

Days later, Lrudlrick asks me, “Why didn’t you just go to a store and ask them for a container or a plastic cup?”
pg:Because, I was in the park where it was cool. To get to a store, I’d have to go out and walk a few blocks dragging the two exhausted dogs.
L:Well, what about the restaurant in the park. You could have gone and asked them.
L:Sorry. I’ve been locked out a lot. You learn from experience.

I finally find a Poland Springs bottle at the foot of one of the seats in the dog run. Now I can’t believe I’d ever pick up anything on the ground in the city, but I did. I was desperate. I took the bottle, ran with the dogs in tow to the public restrooms and washed the bottle clean, inside and out.

By this time, the running around, the heat and the anxiety I had must have hit the dogs full force because, their tongues were practically on the ground. I took them to the water fountain and filled up the water bottle.
Without my foldable bowl I usually use, I had to pour the water onto my hand and let them lap up as much water my tiny hand could cup.

Z-girl took to the water immediately. Using her giant booty, she wedged P-man out of the way and began lapping up what she could. Three bottles later, she finally was satiated.

I filled the bottle and moved towards P-man. I began pouring the water into my hand. He looked at my hand, looked at the water and looked at me with this look of revolt. “Do prey tell. Do you expect me to drink from your hand? I am a dog of refinement and shall require a bowl.” Yes, P-man has the personality of Stewie Griffin.

“P-man, please. This is all I have. I won’t tell anyone.” After a few coaxes, he drank a bottle of water from my hand.

Afterwards, we went hunting for shade. The dog run was nice but since it’s in an embankment, there wasn’t a breeze or current to cool it off. I couldn’t sit on the grass because of my dress so we settled on a block of benches in the shade and sat at an empty bench and waited. I sat like Forrest Gump for 45 minutes. Seriously. I had this work dress on that was above the knee in length. Any other type of sitting would have alloted the babies and toddlers a peek into where they came out of.

I tied their leashes loosely around the bench beams and let them circle the bench. Apparently this particular part of the park is frequented by parents and nannies during the weekday. A convoy of strollers was parked by several trees and mats, toys and bibs were strewn about. Thankfully, the dogs didn’t bark or make a scene.

With the dogs hydrated and settled into their relaxed positions, I started to relax as well. It took awhile. I kept thinking about the meetings I had to reschedule and the air conditioner running full blast in the apartment and the nuttiness I found myself in. I kept trying to figure a way to ensure my cell, PDA and a few dollars would be with me at all times.

Then I realized how ridiculously attached I was to my modern conveniences. I took this incident as a blessing. Heck, it could be worse. It could be raining. I could have left something on the stove. The moment I resigned myself to enjoy the reprieve from the hustle and bustle, a strong breeze blew in from the south. The coolness felt refreshing.

I started finally looking forward to our trip to the beach in July. I started making a small list of books I wanted to read during our trip when Lrudlrick came towards the bench. He had gotten out early and was searching the park for me. He gave me the keys and drove back to work.

When we got into the apartment, the dogs ran to their water dish. I called my boss. I decided to work from home the rest of the afternoon. I grabbed the phone and proceeded to the computer to check my work mail. I was back to my modern crazies.

For all you momma’s that reminded me many a times to make duplicates, I now have multiple keys. I even added one to the laundry bag pouch and one to the dog pouch.