Friday, June 03, 2005

Motocrossing on a landfill...

I'm sick of hearing how Bloomberg's crusade to get the Olympics in NYC is a rich man's dream.

Personally, I wouldn't mind the Olympics here. Heck, if it does happen, I'd volunteer to help out at a venue.

I've heard people who don't even live in the city say the stadium will do more harm than good. Business-wise, the stadium can bring jobs and visitors into the city. The Olympics will generate income from tourists and also beautify many neglected areas throughout the five boroughs.

Anyone read any good articles regarding a neighborhood's thoughts on the Olympics in NYC? What do the people in Staten Island think about adding an equestrian center in their area? How about people in Pelham Bay? What do they think of a world class pentathlon stadium in their neighborhood?

For a city that prides itself in it's real estate, these enhancements to the existing areas will not be abandoned once the games are over. Not only will local and country wide competitions continue but also give local schools and neighborhood residents can use these facilities.

So much focus is on the main stadium that someone should see what outer borough residents think.

For more on the proposed venues check out: this NY Times article on the venues and life after the games.