Tuesday, June 28, 2005

"But I don't want no tea. It gives me a headache."

Some people pine over cars. Some people pine over clothing. Some people pine over diamonds. Pantrygirl pines for this:

Yes, that’s a major appliance, folks. I pine for a standalone chest freezer.
I spoke about this awhile back. My primary argument for the freezer was this:

Yes folks, that’s another appliance. I know. I know. I have issues. As you can imagine, this makes gift giving really easy for Lrudlrick. Forget the stereotypes, this year, Pantrygirl wants a high RPM blender.

The true reason I’ve reconsidered purchasing the freezer is to avoid looking like this:

Last night, a broiler chicken nearly knocked me unconscious. Lrudlrick was asleep. The two dogs were sleeping in the air conditioned bedroom. Nothing short of live game roaming in our kitchen would have led them out of the chill chest to check on me.

I wasn’t in pain. Ok I was but not serious enough for me to start laughing or cursing. However, I did feel like a complete donkey because of the way I reacted to the frozen carcass as it shot out of my freezer and onto my head.

Instead of putting my hand out like I normally do, I just watched the chicksicle as it careened towards my skull. I blame the heat. My reflexes don’t snap into action, as they should.

So now, I’m back to dreaming about this:

I guess I’ll be visiting Sears after the holiday.