Wednesday, June 22, 2005

"Bang, bang, I am the warrior"

It seems I have been living the life of alter-universe Pantrygirl for the last few weeks. I lost my id for the first time. I locked myself out of the house. I didn't cook for a week! GASP!

Now I'm slowly feeling back to myself again. I started cooking again on Sunday. My id was returned to me. I've remembered my keys on every excursion.

Maybe the new moon is bringing me back to 'normal' Pantrygirl. I know. Normal is relative.

Yesterday afternoon, Lrudlrick surprised me with a camera phone photo of this:

He bought me this tough looking but super cute purse for no reason. Man, do I love this guy. What a sweetheart.

Of course, I had to coordinate my outfit to my purse this morning. Yes, you heard that right. Outfit to purse not purse to outfit. I'm in my black pencil slacks, black pinstriped fitted vest, black and white silver studded stilettos and silver cuff bracelets. I'm feeling Patty Smyth-ish today. Scandal Patty not Don Henley Patty

Thank you, Lrudlrick. It was a wonderful surprise. I love it.