Friday, April 15, 2005

TGIF: "If the weather's fine an' you got the time."

Recently, I’ve noticed I have a Friday morning theme song. It usually pops into my head as soon as the alarm goes off. It’s usually a cheerful tune. Today, I have two, my Herman’s Hermits standard, Something tells me I'm into something good and The Rascals’ It's a beautiful morning. It’s crisp outside yet sunny. It’s a beautiful Friday. The dogs looked at me as if I was possessed. I found myself skipping to the garbage pail with their leashes in one hand and a bag of fresh poop in the other. Life is good.

Lrudlrick just told me we may be seeing some show off Broadway called ‘Orgasm.’ I’d do a search but I’m afraid a keyword search with ‘orgasm’ would illicit a meeting from the security division of our IT department. I don’t see why it would since the University has a free speech policy but I’m not going to be called into the Dean’s office to explain how a google search of ‘orgasms’ pertains to my work at the University.

Now that it’s spring, I’m slowly getting the family get together invites. Confirmations, Communions and Graduations are filling up my weekends in May and June. Lrudlrick’s family sends invites to the shindig afterwards. The first few times I went to these events, it threw me off. In my family, you were invited to the entire deal. I swear the parents do this because misery loves company. If they have to sit in a non-air conditioned gymnasium watching a graduating class of 200 kids talk about their friendships and potential then you need to sit beside them. It’s a welcome reprieve from the stuffy semi-formalness my family has established.

Returning to my theme song, I was sitting at the bus stop, soaking up the sun, humming my theme songs. As I sat there and allowed the sun to warm my cold hands, I realized, I really need some sun. I lifted up my pant leg and the stark whiteness of my shin was shocking. It was if I had a pair of ivory chopsticks for legs. Gone are the days when I would soak up the sun. Back in the 70’s and 80’s sunscreen was unheard of and baby oil was your tanning lotion. Now, even my chapstick has SPF but I do believe that people need to soak up the sun a few times a year. I’m not talking about basting yourself. I’m talking about laying out at the park with a good book and a bottle of Coppertone sunscreen. Hubby isn’t a sun guy. If my legs are ivory chopsticks, he’s a walking ream of bright white paper with freckles.

This need for sun though is getting itchy. Hopefully we’ll have a warm weekend where I can just stretch out on my blanket, my NY Times and a bottle of Vitamin water filled with my favorite wine.