Monday, April 18, 2005

Oasis in the city

Just when I said I needed sun, the weather brought in the best day by far. I felt replenished by the sun’s rays. On Sunday, we spent the day leisurely at the park. At first, we brought the dogs. We did have to cut it short though. Firstly, I forgot their water bottle and half way up a hill, I realized, we weren’t going to make it for very long without dehydrating them. Secondly, Lrudlrick’s brake on his rollerblade was completely shredded after his imitation of the Iditarod.
Picture a man coming at you at full speed with two dogs in front of him pulling him up and down hills. Imagine one of these dogs is a hyper retriever and another just wants to hunt every squirrel in the park. That’s what many people saw on Sunday. At one point, P-man got distracted by a tree and crisscrossed in front of Lrudlrick which nearly had him run over. All that pulling and running took a toll on our pooches and my husband’s brake. I guess a rubber brake isn’t meant to control a 60 lbs dog, a 40 lbs dog and a ??? lb man.
We barely made it back home when Z-girl looked at me with this look of complete bliss mixed with complete exhaustion. We dropped them home, gave them their summertime treat, doggie ice cream (Yes, I spoil my dogs something rotten.) and went back out together, sans blades to enjoy the sun before it set.
It’s amazing how many people were out. We walked past a gridlock of strollers and carriages and realized the local parent association was having a get together. I found it amusing that all the strollers looked alike. There were a bunch of couples lingering by trees and benches and a few kids biking or skating in circles. I love walking in the park on a sunny day. In a crowded park, NY’ers seem to be able to find their own slice of tranquility. One guy made a makeshift hammock between two trees. A few women found little nooks on rocks to sit and draw. A lady was practicing Tai Chi. Me, I like reading the weekend paper in the park but I find people watching much more fascinating.
This wonderful weather is making me long for my old office. This lack of natural light is more depressing now than ever. It’s not humane for a person to be locked in a windowless room for extended periods of time. With that said, I'm going out to find a nice spot on the lawn to enjoy my lunch.