Wednesday, April 27, 2005

"Now I was sitting waiting wishing..."

In a shocking twist, pantrygirl has no clue what to make for dinner. Usually, I have a list a mile long of new recipes I want to try. Tonight, I’m in the mood for fish but I’m too lazy to prepare a menu that will satiate me yet fall along the guidelines of my finicky husband. So, I’m leaning towards the old standby, London Broil and a crisp salad.
It’s not that I’m out of ideas. Trust me. I’ve got a purse full of recipes I want to try. I’m just in a backlog with home chores. Last week I spent every night experimenting in the kitchen. BTW, I’ve made the perfect spinach lasagna. Holy cow, I needed a cigarette after having a slice. Because of such, the loaf of bread I promised my MIL wasn’t made. The baby cake for my cousin’s baby shower is only 40% done and the collage I promised my Aunt hasn’t even been sketched out yet.
Since the weekends in May are booked with activities, I need to haul butt to get this stuff done. So I’m forcing myself to get the baby cake decorated tonight. I’m not being overly ambitious so I’m going to hold off on making the loaf of bread for my MIL until Friday. That way, I can pop it in the mailbox and allow for a semi-fresh loaf to arrive at her doorstep on Tuesday.
So the simplest meal, I can make quickly is beef and greens. Fish will have to wait for another day.
My husband hinted that I should look into opening my own tiny eatery. Personally, that sounds like fun but I’d need a lot of help to get it going. Plus, I have no clue how to run an eating establishment, even if it was a hole in the wall. BTW, if I were to open a storefront, it would have to be called, ‘The Hole in the Wall’, because I couldn’t possibly afford anything else.
But I’m going to let my imagination run for awhile. If I were to open up a place, it would be small and comfy. It wouldn’t be a full fledged restaurant. Instead, it would be a bakery/cafeteria style place; just like the ones I used to frequent in Boston. We’d have basic home cooking comfort food. I’d like it to be the type of place neighborhood groups come to socialize. Book clubs can have their weekly get-togethers there. I’d serve them fresh scones and coffee. Oooh! I’d make theme nights with theme foods.
Dan Brownies.
The Five People You Meet in Heaven’s Death by Chocolate.
On Walden Pound Cake.
French Women Don’t Get Fat Wine Tasting.
Great. I’m hungry now.
Ok, one more, Fonda Fondue Night. Mmmm. Fondue.