Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Martial Arts Uniform Depot...

My husband has taken to martial arts.

It started out with twice weekly sessions of hapkido.

Now in addition to the two Hapkido classes, he’s taking Shuai Chiao.

This isn’t a problem and in fact, my brother is now taking the classes with him. But now, I’ve got twenty million different colored belts floating in my house along with a bunch of uniforms. Apparently, each style has it's own type of uniform. His Shuai Chiao uniform looks like a burlap sack but without it's softness.

Anyone have an idea on what to do with the old colored belts he has? Right now, he has them laid out on our one-seater in the bedroom. Ok, laid out is not the right word; it’s more like they are strewn about.

Any thoughts or ideas, let me know. Otherwise, those bad boys are heading to Goodwill.