Thursday, April 28, 2005

Later that day…

After my morning tantrum, I began thinking about my feelings of seclusion in my bunker and decided I would actively throw myself out there. So I’ve been placing more calls than usual. Of course, I’m following that up with emails, to appease my OCD. I’ve also started scheduling my meetings to take place outside of my office and at the department's office instead. This gets me out of my bunker more and hopefully will stop any further spreading my derriere has done from sitting on this chair for hours upon hours.
I’m doing the opposite of what I’m comfortable doing so this is going to be a challenge. This morning alone, I’ve developed my smile-though-this-pains-you smile.
Again, I reiterate, I’m not a hermit. I just feel that all the meetings I attend seem more often than not to be fruitless. Sometimes a project does not need a million meetings. 7 out of 10 meetings leads to another meeting to discuss the meeting. How does that help? I’m not saying this is something found only at my job. I think it’s a common issue. The NYTimes had an article a few months ago about meetings and how meetings with 5 or more people are generally less productive and increases the length of the overall project. Heck, If I’m feeling ho-hum, I should at least try to make an effort to change my routine and see where that takes me.

After my tantrum and my epiphany that things need to change and I should be the one to get the ball rolling, my co-worker comes into my office to tell me that the VP popped in and suggested we wrap up our trash at night. I look at her and she whispers, “Someone found a giant roach in their office.” She motions towards the offending office.
I’m not going to rat anyone out but if you’re guessing who I think your guessing, you’re sooooooo hot. She looks at me with a knowing glance and we both roll our eyes.

Here are two unrelated items I’m pondering:

1. Why do calculators and keyboards have number pads in descending order and telephones have number pads in ascending order?
Remember my # key issues? Today, I dialed a number as if the numbers were in descending order, like my computer. Because my phone is to the right of my keyboard, perhaps I am inadvertently confusing the two. I sat there and dialed the number three times incorrectly until I realized what I was doing. I also have the habit of dialing numbers without looking, so that may also play a part in my confusion. Do blind people get confused? Seems to me the ATM and every other important keypad in my life descends. Why not make it uniform?

2. How can I mistake the cry of a human baby for a cat?
I had a meeting at a campus building near where the daycare folk are. While I was walking, I swore I heard a cat wailing. I used to have a cat so I know a cat’s wail. Plus, in NYC apartment buildings, a cat occasionally gets locked out of his/her apartment. I’ll have you know a cat’s wail echoes through an apartment building loudly.
Once, Trixie escaped while Lrudlrick was throwing out the trash. She must have forgotten that we had moved to the 6th floor from the 1st floor a year ago. The doorman found her howling her lungs out in front of our old apartment. Poor cat. I believe she was 13 or 14 at the time so senility wasn’t helping.
Oh, where was I? Yes, well, I stopped in my tracks and sort of perked my ears up to listen. I don’t think people can actually perk their ears up. However, I’ve spent too much time around canines and felines to not pick up some of their habits, even if it’s pretend.
Professors and students are milling around me and I’m standing there like an idiot trying to find a cat. I suddenly realize that the cat is a baby. How can I mistake a baby for a cat? What does this say about any supposed maternal skills I’m supposed to have?