Thursday, April 14, 2005

Fish sticks galore and an iPod Jukebox odyssey

Last night I went crazy and made enough fish and chips to feed the entire floor of my apartment building. It was delicious. Mrs. Paul has nothing on me. However, I did learn that 4” strips are way to long for fish sticks. Once the batter is on the sucker, it fries up like a giant fillet. My husband said they were intimidating fish sticks. Of course, my imagination gets the better of me at this point and I’m picturing gangster fish sticks. I watch too much television.
Aside from the flock of fishsticks, I also made chicken and veggies and a meatball sub. Ok, I occasionally go overboard. I know this. For some reason, I thought a meal of fishsticks wasn’t dinner. Thinking I needed some type of veggie, I sautéed some string beans, carrots and mushrooms. Thinking this would be perfect for that sad piece of chicken cutlet I’ve been meaning to cook, I sliced that up and added that to the veggie medley. Then I figured my husband probably wouldn’t want fish sticks so I reheated the leftover meatballs and heated up a ciabatta roll and made him a meatball sub with melted mozzarella. My husband came into the kitchen and asked me if I was trying to kill him.
Now, during this cookfest, I did think I was going overboard. I did think that this was too much food for two people but I didn’t stop. So I think we’re pretty much set for dinner until at least Saturday. What’s worse is that I’ll be stuck eating soggy fish sticks for three more days. If you ever have a hankering for fish sticks, know that 1 lbs of fish is sufficient. Like an idiot, I thought 2 lbs would be ideal.
I did make a quick horseradish dip for the sticks. I ran out of tartar sauce and forgot to buy malt vinegar. It was an accidental discovery that will turn into a ritual.

On the way to work, I sat near a young mother dropping her toddler to daycare. We talked about daycare prices and I wasn’t wrong in saying that daycare is essentially rent. Some daycare centers offer grants and scholarships. Scholarships for naptime? How the hell do you qualify for that? What’s the competition like? Anyway, she said that prices fluctuate but be prepared to pay the equivalent of a studio or Junior 4. At this point, the sticker shock must have registered on my face because she kept talking about how a child has brought this and that into her life.
Can a person get over the sticker shock of having a kid? It’s blowing my mind. I still want to know how our parent’s did it. Sure, the economy wasn’t like it is now but things weren’t better in the 60’s and 70’s.

Gwen Stefani’s new single is quite catchy but it may be catchy because it borrows from Queen. Lrudlrick has been busy cleaning out his iPod playlist. The only time Lrudlrick gets insanely organized and anal retentive is when it’s time to clean up his playlist. He needs to categorize and give ratings for each song. The category creation ‘soul-rock’ led to a discussion on the possible creation of ‘disco-rock’ which by Lrudlrick’s definition is an oxymoron. Every night he’s there with his iPod headphones going through his music and re-categorizing. This is a never-ending quest, in my opinion, but he’s trudging along. He’s going alphabetically. I think he’s up to The Clash. He started this two weeks ago. He’s going through websites and downloading album covers and what not. Last time he did this, his iPod died on him. Granted it was one of the first generation ones but still. It’s a sign.