Wednesday, April 27, 2005

05.09 City Harvest: Skip Lunch Fight Hunger

I don't solicit for many reasons but feeding people is an obsession, passion and a cause I can stand behind.

On May 9th, City Harvest is asking people to skip lunch for a cause.
I know with our schedules, many of us skip lunch anyhow but why not skip lunch for a cause? Anything over $5 is tax deductible. Plus, there's an incredible triple match: Every dollar you give (until Skip Lunch raises $8,000) is really four dollars for the cause!

City Harvest asks you to generate support in your workplace. I've started an office collection. I ask you to do the same.
If enough interest is held in your office, you can sign up for a group contribution.
You can also donate individually.

Remember, you don’t have to skip lunch to participate. The skip lunch police won’t bust you for having a sandwich.

For more information visit City Harvest.

On a related note, although I'm not to found of his unkempt style, the Naked Chef needs to come to NYC to see the grub they serve kids here. Once, I lost a tooth on what was described as a meatloaf-like patty.