Friday, March 18, 2005

Warming the abode...

We’ve been invited to an apartment warming this weekend. It’s for the couple that lived above us. They are originally from Wisconsin or some farming state that slips my mind. He’s an artist and she’s a software trainer for a pharmaceutical company. They are here for a year and have decided to hop around Manhattan to check neighborhoods. They lived in our area for 6 months and now have decided to check out Union Square. What do you give a couple whose permanent residence is another state? Last time I went into their apartment, there were no plants or decorations. Would it be impolite to bring a plant?

I really don’t know them. They knocked on the door one day to tell us they just moved in. I know this sounds very suburban. I was deathly ill so the following weekend we knocked on their door with an apple tart and had tea with them. I know. I know. We would occasionally see them in the elevator or at church. We did the obligatory wave and smile. Then they moved two weeks ago. We said goodbye to their 6am bathroom and shower and thought nothing of it. Then I get this invitation in the mail to their housewarming. Obviously we struck a cord with them. Maybe it was the apple tart. So now I feel like I should be some sort of ambassador to NYC.

I guess a water plant might work. They seem to be the only plants I can keep alive in a NYC apartment. I’d bake something but next week is Easter Brunch at our cousins and I hope to make pastries. What kind of pastries, I have not yet planned. Could it be the OCD is waning? Nah. I’m just to busy and it’s low priority. I’d like to make bite size pastries but time may not allot it. We’ll see.

Oh, and I’ve been trying to get this blender for another housewarming. My friend just bought a two bedroom in Brooklyn. Thoughtful as she is, she told me she wants a blender. A blender she shall receive. I haven’t had a chance to go downtown to pick up this blender. I considered mailing it to her place but it just seems cold. So I might drop it off at her job. I suppose having a 4’9” woman lug a blender on the train would be cold as well but at least I get to see her expression from joy to ‘crap-I-have-to-lug-this-thing-on-the-train’. Ah, the little things.