Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Is it just me or has the rain caused more muck to form on the sidewalks? I generally like spring showers. It usually wipes the nasty smog and biological waste away. So far, this year’s spring showers seem to be pulling the dirt up out of the sidewalk and allowing it to congeal into grainy sidewalk sand art. The crackle under my feet is quite disconcerting. Even my dogs refuse to walk on it.

The grassy areas haven’t started to grow yet so right now it’s just mud now. My poor pooches are left walking in zig zag patterns to get to the curb to do their thing. Yes, my dogs are curbed, thank you. If you have a dog and you live in the city, do the kind thing and teach your dogs to pee on the curb. No one wants to be walking into a pile of pee, even if it’s soaked into the sidewalk.

Mr. Weatherman says it’s supposed to rain again this weekend. Fine, let’s hope this rain clears away the winter remnants. Pantrygirl is tired of sounding like she’s doing a soft shoe.