Sunday, March 13, 2005

Things I've learned about cohabitation and marriage:

Things I've learned so far:

  • Your husband will not use a list for it's intended purposes

    Forget about making a list for your husband. It will get lost. It will be used as scrap. It will be used as an emergency catch-all for dog puke. It will be used as a refuse for used gum. However, the list of to dos or grocery items will not be used for it's intent nor will said items be done completely.

  • You will get used to the prolong periods of silence and/or obliviousness

    You know how they say that men don't understand why women want to know what's on their mind all the time? Well, after awhile, you'll begin to realize that men are actually thinking about nothing when they say nothing. Seriously. Pantrygirl, how can they not be thinking about something? Defies anything I can rationalize but heck, I'm a girl. I'm not suppose to understand these things. However, over time you actual accept this and grow to enjoy those prolonged periods of silence.

  • You will learn how to do things you would never think you would learn

    I never thought I'd have to learn how to use a wrench or know what a bit was or what an Allen wrench is. Through college, I'd ask guy pals to fix things for me. I thought, hey, having a man in the house means a live at home fix it guy. Now, my husband is great. He's installed a super deep sink and fixed my dishwasher. He's installed a washer and dryer and let's not forget the pantry he built for me. He is my handyman but my handyman like many contractors need incentives to finish on time. So I've learned how to fix hinges, tighten screws, hang a fixture and put a washer in a faucet. I know these are small things but pantrygirl does not have a penchant for manual labor. I am quite proud I've figured out how to do these tiny things and have decided that if I spawn my child most learn these to do's as well as how to make a kick ass chocolate fudge cake.

  • You will not grow tired of the lazy mornings in bed or the leisurely morning breakfast.

    There is nothing like waking up cuddled up next to your spouse. You want to be able to stay there just 5 more minutes. We also enjoy our weekend breakfast. Lounging around with the paper, enjoying a protein/carb-laden breakfast followed by an after breakfast nap. Ok, I know that sounds bad but we figure if we decide to have kids, we'll lose these lazy Saturday mornings so we better enjoy them now.

  • You will not grow tired of the routine 'I Love You'

    Lrudlrick and I, whether on the phone, on IM or in person always end our conversations with "Talk to you later. I love you." It just doesn't seem right if we don't.