Thursday, March 10, 2005

Slap on the newspaper shoes, I'm the bag lady!

I usually do not leave my workbag strewn with litter. Cleaning out my bag just slipped out of my mind until it slipped off my desk and its contents rolled out.

Items found in pantrygirl's work bag:

  • Files

  • Filled with an assortment of photocopies of work related notes.

  • 2 packets of stamps

  • Both are half empty. One is Christmas ornaments.

  • 9 individually wrapped cherry lifesavers

  • Cherry kicks butt. I also like the translucent one but can't figure out the flavor. Anyone know what flavor the translucent one is?

  • earmuffs

  • We all know my lack of proper headgear for the winter months. I generally don't need a hat as long as my ears are warm. If my ears are warm, all is right with the world. So most of the time I wear my ear muffs. I still would like a wool hat. My husband reminded me that two Christmases ago he gave me a hat. Well, it really was this turtle hood thing. What's a turtle hood? Well, it's a hoodie and scarf all in one. It's fleece and super warm but you need to throw the contraption over you head before you jacket so you don't get any air pockets. Again, this hat is a bit too big for my small head. When I put it on, I look like a giant grey condom with a face. No lie. Now, the winter he gave it to me, there was an accumulation of over 50" of snow in NYC. So I did use it faithfully. Because of the condom head resemblances, I refrain from using it unless there is a blizzard.

  • usb cable

  • I don't even know why this is in there.

  • 3 bottles of Poland spring water

  • All three bottles have been opened. All three bottles have more than half of its contents left.

  • A book of fiction

  • Ok. I must shamefully admit now that I only have ten bloody pages left to read. It has been in my bag for a full month now. I'm going to hang my head in shame now...................... Moving on.

  • An oatmeal cereal bar

  • I keep it in my bag just in case I'm hungry. When I'm hungry, I usually grab the chocolate that's in my candy jar instead of the granola bar. Talk about lack of willpower.

  • various clippings from newspapers, magazines, internet etc

  • As I flip through things, I usually find articles that sound interesting but I don't have the time to read them. So I pull them out or print them out and shove them in my bag. I figure, during my commute, I can read them. What usually happens is I get on the bus and proceed to check my appointment calendar, make a to do list, check my email, read the article the lady is reading next to me then stare out the window. I'm going to hang my head in shame again ...................... Maybe I should add, read clippings on my to do list.

  • mail I need to act on

  • I figure if I leave the mail in my bag, I'll remember to pay my bill or call the company for info. This actually works. During my lunch break, I usually leave my speakerphone on as I wait in Musak Hell for the customer service person. By far the worst Musak Hell is the U.S. Passport info line. If I hear Mono-Beethoven one more time...

  • rebates I need to act on

  • Yes, we're rebate hounds. If there is a rebate on an item, you'll be sure pantrygirl will find it. It's a compulsion not an illness.

  • Several empty sandwich bags with paper towels

  • Dog owners in the city know what they are for. Moving on.

  • a box of matches

  • A remnant from my smoking years. After I quit smoking, our office parties were sans candles. Everyone expected I would have a lighter. After the third cake sans candles, I started carrying them around again. Besides, I've seen enough disaster movies to know that a box of matches comes mighty handy. It's also a great emergency nail file.