Wednesday, March 09, 2005

pg's thoughts on 24 (we've got another 12 to go?):

It’s been awhile, but since we’re about midway through Jack’s day, I’ll come in with some commentary:

  • Let it be known that pantrygirl said it first, “Spawn is evil.” Ok, spawn isn’t always evil but it seems to lead to downfall at CTU. If you work at CTU, you better not have any family. If you do, they will be tortured, shot and/or killed at some point in your career. Hope the health benefits are good.

  • Am I the only one eagerly waiting to see Brit boy get tortured? And is it me or does his nose look like a mushroom? Oh, and you might not want to say, “I’ll do what I have to win Audrey back,” unless you are ready to defend your skinny self when the gunfire erupts.

  • Lord, I love Terrorist Mom's voice. If I smoked Winstons everyday from now until I turned 40, I still couldn't get that raspiness.

  • Now that they have systematically eliminated all women from leads on ‘24’, I wonder what the writers have planned for Ms. Dessler. Perhaps they feel they’ve done enough torturing on her from last season. Maybe being stuck in a chamber filled with flesh eating virii deserves some reprieve from bodily harm. I doubt it.

  • Ok, Almeida is back. We get it. He’s the Jack of the Season Two but Jack didn’t have a paunch and let the world see it. Tony, stop standing with your paunch hanging out. Every time you put your hand on your hip, it’s quite apparent Beer has been your confidant for the last year. Get a nice leather jacket and keep that thing hidden. No one wants a counter terrorism guru to have a paunch, unless your Lispy

  • See now, no one likes any of the characters in CTU. Lispy excluded. What shall we do? Let's bring back the old school crew. Ah, brilliant!

  • So did Lispy save his mom or did she commit suicide? Speaking of suicide, did anyone else feel like the writers couldn’t figure out what to do with Albino girl? And who leaves a mentally challenged girl with scalpels? Anyone else smell foul play? BTW, please don’t feel like you need to explain the whole suicide thing. Let’s just leave it as is and just move on.

  • Forgive me Mr. Ass Director but I can never remember your name. I usually call you Seal in my head. Anyhow, Seal, kudos go to you for showing that you are more than an assistant. Good job. That neck snap sounded just like my dogs back when he stretches in the early morning. You deserve a Jack Bauer award for holding the fort until the reinforcements arrived. Hip Hip.

  • Who else wants to see more Devane kicking ass?

  • The president seems mighty comfy in that Air force One. Sure he has to be within safe distance from any possible radiation but Palmer would have been at ground zero. That’s the kind of president he was and I kind of miss him. Kick the Allstate gig and come back.

  • Aside from spawn being evil, I’ve also learned that Los Angeles is the last place a person wants to be if there is a terrorist threat. If I was an analyst at CTU, aside from making sure they change the passwords and increase reference checks prior to hiring, I’d be the first to guess the party was going to start in LA. “We’ve intercepted a communication that says the attack will happen somewhere within the continental US but we don’t know where. Yes, Agent Pantry.” “I’m guessing it will strike in LA, sir.” “My God. You’re a genius!”