Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Meet my motley crew...

“This one over there keeps a look out. Always watching.” – plumber

I just have to pop in to say how much I love my dogs. Each has their unique personalities. The one the plumber is referring to is P-man, aka Rump Roast. Ever since we adopted him, he’s very protective of us and our home. He also likes kids. Well, tolerates kids. During a visit from my newborn cousin, he sat around the bed as he was sleeping as if on guard.

When strangers come into the house, he’s the first to bark and will not leave the stranger alone. He will follow you and sit by you, keeping a watchful eye to make sure you’re on the up and up.

I guess this trait, which he passed onto Z-girl, makes them the anti-social crew that they are. At the dog park, they prefer to be outside of the dog park versus inside with the other dogs. As if being outside meant dominance over the wrangled cattle, they parade around the perimeter with their chests held high as if they were the herders and the dogs in the park were the herd.

They generally prefer to show their dominance vocally. Unfortunately, Z-girl’s Cujo-like bark scares the crap out of most our neighbors. The local stray likes to follow the other dogs but Z-girl won’t have it. She can smell her a block away and will stiffen and growl to let her know to keep her distance. Z-girl is a bit protective. If she was a human, she’d be Melanie Griffith. My girl dog is a dumb blonde who is protective of her hot Latino husband. Well, she’s a dumb blonde and her hot Latino husband is an Asian mix and is well, he’s her brother.

I still can’t pinpoint the human equivalent of P-man. He’s protective of family. He’s quite proud. He sees himself as an equal to the alpha-dogs yet whines like a baby if the alphas happen to be enjoying a nice piece of steak without him. Oh, and he likes cheese. I pulled a block of parmesan out the other day and before I could close the fridge door, he was sitting next to me waiting for a few slivers. Any thoughts?