Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Coalmines, Thieves and Skirts, oh my!

There’s nothing like a week off of work to remind you how much you hate your job. Ok. It’s not that I hate it. I just dislike the knowledge I need to do what I do to keep a roof over my head. Lesson learned: Pantrygirl prefers to sit in front of a computer and fritter away rather than meeting with people who, let’s face it are old enough to be her parents, talk about millions of dollars which never gets to her bank account. As my friend said this morning, “Honey, you are a programmer at heart. It’s another way of saying, you aren’t good wit ‘dem people skills.”

Can you tell I’m having a doozy of a day?

On the blog front, I’ve re-instated anonymous commenting for everyone. I took it down last week because some asshat decided to spam me with tons of Viagra sites.

So the security show people asked us if we’d like to still audition for the show. (I’ve mentioned it before but I’m too lazy to reference it. A while back we were in talks with a producer for an American version of ‘To Catch a Thief’ where you allow a burglar to burglarize your home so they can show you how burglars can burglarize your home. I know. I know. Question away.) We saw a preview of it on tv and watching this family’s house get raided pissed me off. They had to meet the burglar afterwards. See, if I have to do that, you would see a freakin’ pissed off Asian woman screaming and giving the nastiest stares at the burglar. I mean, if I got so worked up over two batteries, how will I feel when they maraud my house. Aside from the violation, my OCD would cause serious anger. For god’s sake, they showed broken wine glasses and what not strewn all over the house. Sure a McDonald’s Mickey Mouse cup is nothing compared to the furs the woman on the show had, but damnit, it’s a collectible! So I’m disinclined to do it for the sole purpose, I’m afraid I’ll burst into tears on national television.

Oh, I learned something about myself. I hate sewing. Seriously. I spent my childhood knitting ugly scarves and doing needlepoint. I did it because my grandma did it. I didn't know better. Well, this weekend I bought this skirt on the sale rack for $9.99. Just a simple black pleated skirt. Of course it’s too long for my frame but it’s $9.99 so I tell my hubby that I’ll hem it. I used to hem my skirts for parochial school. I can do this and look how thrifty I’ll be. Three hours and two pricks later (dirty), I’m seriously doubting my prowess. I must of looked disheveled in high school. Then again, the half dressed look was in. I was determined to finish hemming it for the simple truth that I couldn’t let my husband tell me that I should have just bought a skirt that actually fit and stopped being so cheap. I final finished the masterpiece and by golly, I’m so proud of it, I’m about to mount and frame the gosh darn thing. However, if I have a child and that child so happens to go to parochial school, her uniform is going to the Korean lady down the block for tailoring. Either that or she’s going to be wearing a floor length jumper until she grows into it.