Thursday, March 17, 2005

Anyone know a good raindance?

More research today. In between work, I’ve been looking up living in Jersey and commuting. As long as your near the rail lines, it doesn’t look too bad. Lrudlrick and I have been polling our co-workers and most say it takes 45 mins to get to midtown.

Lrudlrick tried to pull a guilt trip last night. He mentioned how we sprung P-man from the pound when he was 1 so there was a high probability that he had a backyard for a good year. It would be unjust for us to deny him another backyard. Of course, I look down at P-man and he’s looking up at me with those big eyes and I’m all melty-woman.

But enough about moving and cost of living in the city. I’m wishing everyone out there a Happy St. Patty’s Day. Have a green beer for me. Personally, I’m not into that green beer but after three or four, you don’t care what the hell it is.

So I walk into work this morning, wearing my green turtleneck in honor of St. Pat’s. I walk past the assistant’s and notice that one of the assistant’s is wearing the same exact turtleneck. I hate when this happens. Thankfully she was wearing slacks and I’m wearing a skirt but still. I’m sure men don’t mind this but it irritates the crap out of me. Then during lunch, I’m on line for my usual salad when a girl walks by wearing the same exact turtleneck! I felt like we were walking advertisements for the Gap’s 2 for 1 sale.

The last time that happened to me I walked in to find a colleague, a male one I might add, wearing the same outfit. Blue ribbed sweater, white collared shirt and dark blue pinstriped pants. Do you know how traumatic it is to find that you are wearing an outfit essentially a man can wear?

I am getting tired of the winter weather. During the winter, I’m relegated to slacks, slacks and more slacks. Sure I wear an occasional skirt but not like the spring, fall and summer. Being the shoe fiend that I am, these 3 seasons give me an opportunity to wear my babies. In the winter, it’s boots, boots and more boots and not the pretty-I’m-4-inches taller variety. I’m quite happy that 97% of the snow has melted and the grime is slowly being washed away. City winter street grime is disgusting. Decomposing garbage and waster litter the streets. The smog we inhale becomes visible. I know it’s supposed to snow this Sunday but I’d just like one good rainstorm to wash the city clean. After all, it’s about time.