Sunday, February 20, 2005

Sometimes the anal retentiveness yields...

I was going to write a quick peeve of the week but I just saw the most
atrocious news story on NY1.

Apparently a security guard was shot in the chest and left to die on the 18th street platform of the 1 and 9.  When the cops got there, they couldn't get
in to check on him and to get EMS to him because the token booth was closed. 
They had to wait until riders could let them use their metrocards to get in.

The man didn't make it.

I am appalled and cannot believe something like that can happen. 
I'm sick.  I would not want to hear that officers were within 3 feet of me
and couldn't help me. Lrudlrick reminded me how if the one person who had a metrocard had an unlimited, only one officer could have gotten in. The cops would have to hope that several people with cards could get them in. What about the EMS?

My peeve is nothing to this news.  I'm now going to try to put this
tragic news out of my head so I can try to get a good night's rest.