Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Slalom Racing in Central Park & being grateful I'm not a bag of bones.

This weekend I checked out ‘The Gates’. I saw it at dusk with my husband and found it lackluster. Maybe it was getting dark. Maybe it was the swarms of people in the park with us. We left feeling like we just went through a giant slalom.

I went back on Tuesday after my doctor’s appointment. This time it was noon and the crowds had dissipated. It was actually relaxing. Walking along the path alone, it suddenly dawned on me that this thing is huge. ‘The Gates’ is simply vast. People ask you what you think and all I can say is, “Expansive. Very expansive.” Everywhere you turned it was orange. If the project’s intent was to re-open the eyes to Central Park, then it has. I’ve seen more people climbing rocks and going through small paths this weekend than in any other circumstance. Then again, most of the people I saw at Central Park looked like tourists. So if tourism and giving the IOC the idea cross country skiing could take place in NYC, then hip hip!

I also got my much needed massage this weekend. It was rather nice if not as relaxing as I hoped. The guy was nice. He had that “I’m speaking low, because it’s soothing” voice. Of course, I just find it a little disconcerting. Anyhow, he twisted me and pulled me and pressed me and I felt better the first hour. By the second hour of my relaxation, I was back to tense pantrygirl but without the aches. Maybe he was afraid to knead me too much. If anything, I love extreme pressure. Maybe it was the girl who did my facial during the last hour. Very sweet girl but I thought she burst a vessel on my chin when she did the extraction. In fact, the next day, I had a bump where she tried to dig through to China. By this morning, it’s become this huge boulder. All I need to do is glue on a false lash and I’d look like Witch Hazel.

I’ll tell you one thing, I may be self conscious walking around in the robe at the spa but after I saw these two ladies with chopsticks for legs, my confidence meter shot up two notches. How can you massage bones?