Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Pavlov would love me.

My hair has decided to turn all Anne of Green Gables on me. It’s frizzy and makes that nasty looking halo around my head. I know I am in desperate need of a haircut but I’m just too lazy to schedule one. When the weather is nice, I’ll take a day off and make a day outing of it.

Lrudlrick bought a new phone this weekend. His phone died so he bought a new phone with video and camera capabilities. He was so excited to test it out he didn’t mind going with me to the supermarket on Sunday. We blocked the entire entrance to aisle 3A taking photos of each other. Actually, Lrudlrick was taking the photos. I was trying to pick what type of rice to buy. BTW, according to the photos Lrudlrick snapped, I tilt my head when I’m weighing options. I look like a golden retriever sans floppy ears.

The first face to face encounter with my mother after the phone call was last night. She seemed out of it and on the defense. Well it was more of defensive/defeatist Weeble wobble. She was defensive with my brother and defeatist with me. Lrudlrick noted two things that I didn’t think of:
  • Since she’s making it personal, I have to use the same psychology on her. I have to use my mother’s ubiquitous phrase, “I feel …” This irks me so but he has a point.

  • Her childhood effects her interaction with others, including her children. Most of her youth was spent being taken care of by paid help. It was common back in the Old World to spend more time with a stranger than a parent. Her father was in the New World establishing money and a home for them to come to and her mother was out visiting friends and relatives. Thus your relationships are going to be skewed.

  • I’m not expecting my mother to change. I just get so angry when she martyrs herself. Tonight, my brother is coming over for a chat about mom. Hopefully I can get another side to this craziness.