Monday, February 14, 2005

Pantyhose are Evil. Evil!

I've only worn this pair for close to three hours and these babies already have two runs. Damn you pantyhose inventor dude! Pantyhose aren't cheap either. Now I have to go change my pantyhose but I'm being stingy about it. Honestly, I have a spare pair in my desk but if I put them on now then I run the risk they run before I get home. I don't have a meeting today so I can happily sit at my desk until it's time to go home. So what if people see me at the bus stop with runs like I'm ten years old.

It's a battle of cheap pantrygirl vs. vanity pantrygirl. Oh man, I'm hungry too. I can run out and grab something at the cafeteria but that means going through the runway portion of the seating area where all they need is a podium, mic and spotlight. I'll probably chicken out and go to the other cafeteria where I can access the back door entrance and quickly grab my chef salad and dash. Geez, I'm vain.

I just don't like pantyhose. I hate runs even more. If I have to I generally lean towards stockings because they tend to be more resilient to runs but today I'm wearing a skirt that would show the garter lines and I don't need to be known as the office Hussy.

Speaking of hussy, Happy Valentine's Day to everyone. I have yet to fill out my hallmark card and will probably be rushing to do so as I ice the mini-cakes I've made for dessert. Lrudlrick bought me a delicious assortment of flowers last night. I placed a bouquet in the dining room and one in the living room. I also took two roses and placed them on my vanity. They definitely made me smile this morning. He also bought me two pairs of shoes, one which I'm wearing right now. Darn run is deflecting from the beauty of these babies. They are slingbacks with a crock skin front. I'd go hose-less but it's frickin' freezing and the world isn’t ready for my pasty white winter skin.

The L&O crew were everywhere and took over the entire street. They brought so much hub bub, the stray dog we see every now and then came out and sat in front of our building and watched the crew at work. P-man seemed quite interested as well. He kept trying to see what was going on. I didn't see any cast members but then again, it was early morning and it looked like they were still doing the technical setup.

The bloody managing agent lost our storage waitlist and now plans to do a lottery for those interested in storage. Of course our property manager hasn't responded to the two calls I left him. I called him again today and the woman on the other line said he's no longer with the company and that they were having a time sorting through his messages and to dos. Great. Hopefully we'll get some storage after this all through. My holiday decorations are slowly consuming our coat closet.

Oh, muthafunga, I didn't want to call you during your romantic getaway this weekend but I just heard a song that has 'pikaso'. DC me to hear the details.

We weren't able to check out 'The Gates' this weekend. We made it downtown but the crowds were too much for us. Well actually, the traffic was too much for us. We were tired and haggard. We brought the car into the city and of course the parking lot lost our car so we stood there waiting and waiting. A banana nut loaf and a triple venti latte later, we finally got our car back which was supposed to be ont he 5th floor but was placed in the basement. I swear I heard C4 scream, "What the hell were you thinking leaving me with those imbeciles!" We're planning to check it out this weekend. Hopefully the long weekend will lead to less crowds.

Finally, omg, Sheryl Crow needs to eat something. Anyone see her outfit at the Grammy’s. Holy crap, I don’t need to see ribs. Maybe it was the way she presented herself. Maybe it was the hideous yellow fabric. Sheryl eat something!