Tuesday, February 01, 2005

New Phones, Tiny Laptops and in desperate need of a facial

So with everything going on between my mom and me, I’ve been reluctant to call her to schedule the massage I wanted to do next week. Lrudlrick gave me this great gift certificate but of course I haven’t used it and it’s about to expire. I’d use it all for myself but I thought I’d be kind and share it.

So I thought a birthday/New Year/return from vacation massage would do my mom good. After the phone call from hell, I’m reluctant to call her. It’s not like I’d schedule a couple’s massage (ill). I just don’t think I’m ready to be alone with my mother, even if it’s a car ride, for such a prolonged period of time. I don’t have the patience right now.

I finally bought a new phone. It is expandable so I can finally have a phone in the bedroom. Apparently, this phone can do everything including core an apple. It has a silent visual ring, it has intercom capabilities, voice mail, handset speakerphone, talking caller id “Phone call from….....Blocked Call.” and the expandable unit has an am/fm clock radio/alarm doodad. Now, I have no excuse to get up and turn off the alarm. Lrudlrick should be happy.

Our current alarm has two separate alarm settings. He swears I should remember this but I can never remember which alarm is mine so I always set the wrong alarm and wind up running around like a nut trying to get out of the house. My rebuttal is he should see that his alarm is set incorrectly and assume my alarm is incorrect and set my alarm to the time stated on his alarm. Mind you, we’ve had this alarm clock since 1996 and I’ve been running late ever since.

I’ve been contemplating a new phone since Thanksgiving when our current phone decided that even though it’s on the cradle, it would not charge unless the prongs are just so. Yesterday was the motivator, Lrudlrick ran to pick up the phone and the battery spontaneously popped out of the handset. Pop! I’m taking it as a sign this phone wants to rest in peace.

Meanwhile, my laptop has taken on the prong trait of our phone and now will only stay charged if the adapter is wrapped around the table leg. At first I thought this was a adapter issue. I’ve gone through many a laptops and adapters but when I tried using Lrudlrick’s prong the battery meter popped up. [Stop laughing. You’ve got a dirty mind.] Lrudlrick wants me to buy a new laptop but I’m just too cheap right now to do so. He just received his tiny Pekingese model and I can either use his old laptop or gasp, use the server pc.

I don’t think Lrudlrick understands my reluctance to upgrade my laptop.